On December 19th through the 23rd, KIZN 92.3 FM will hold their annual Keep Kids Warm auction during their radio broadcast. Listen, bid and know that all funds donated go to families in the Treasure Valley that have been identified as in need of some assistance. Here is how Keep Kids Warm started in 1996:

Keep Kids Warm started in December of 1996 with a single phone call from a young girl that was trying to win money from KIZN so she could order some heating oil for her family. The morning show at the time (Mark Rivers and Rich Summers), had been giving away cash with a “Song Of The Day” contest the previous few weeks. The contest had come to an end but Kissin’ listeners were still calling Mark & Rich, asking about the “song of day.” When they explained on the air that the contest was over the studio phone rang, and there was Christian, a young girl who asked Mark & Rich this question, “If I can’t win the money, can I win some heating oil for my family…our house is cold, and we just want to be warm for Christmas…” Mark and Rich were floored, and, as you might guess, so were the Kissin’ listeners. That call generated an outpouring of calls and donations, and before that morning was over, an account had been set-up, and Keep Kids Warm was born. That year around $17,000 was raised, and the money not only helped Christian’s family, but several others around the Treasure Valley as well. Last year, Keep Kids Warm raised over $50,000. To date, Keep Kids Warm has raised nearly $650,000 and helped over 1000 Treasure Valley families make it through some tough times and cold winter months. Today, the Kissin’ staff carries on the tradition, and with your donations and contributions, will help more families around the Treasure Valley.

Grab some tissues and go listen to the original call.

There are some amazing donated items this year that can be viewed on the Keep Kids Warm Facebook page, but one early gift, that made some dramatic news, was when Kid Rock awarded Keep Kids Warm with a $10,000 grant. Thank you Kid Rock!

D&B is so proud to be a part of Keep Kids Warm. It is such a great cause, no matter what is happening in the economy, the community has always come together and give to others in need. Thank you Treasure Valley!

Office Full of Keep Kids Warm Donations

Kevin and Brenda Mee, the Kissin’ 92 morning show married couple (who keep us entertained throughout the year) always emphasize that this is about a “hand up” and not a “hand out” to those in need.

When families receive assistance from Keep Kids Warm they are in the midst of an incredible financial crisis.  We hear first hand from many of them who never thought they would be in the position of having to seek help just to keep their homes warm.  We always reassure them that what they receive from Keep Kids Warm is not a “hand out” but a “hand up.”  It is always exciting when we are contacted by a Keep Kids Warm family reporting that times have improved for them.  Many of the beneficiaries then choose to “pay it forward” and will donate items and bid or donate money to benefit other families experiencing a temporary set back.  Keep Kids Warm offers hope and heat when a family needs it the most and that is what keeps us passionate about continuing this annual on air auction on Kissin’ 92.  ~  Kevin & Brenda Mee

Although the type of gifts have changed with the economy, says Ben Bieri, (his office in the picture above) Promotions Director for KIZN, the goodness of people’s hearts are invaluable. Even if you don’t live in the Treasure Valley, you can still listen on the internet to the auction and call in to donate. To listen, go to the KIZN website then click on the right hand side that says “Click Here to Listen Live.”

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