Hopefully, these tips will keep your Christmas a little bit greener!

Cut Christmas Tree Care

  • Make a straight cut, taking about an inch off the bottom of the tree and place in water as soon as possible. This will improve water uptake, necessary for keeping your tree fresh. You will need to re-cut the base if the tree has been out of water for about 4 hours.
  • Place the tree in a stand that can hold at least 1 gallon of water. You should expect the tree to take up more water then that so check often. Water the new tree until water uptake stops. Always keep the base of the tree in water.
  • Use regular tap water. Commercially prepared mixes like aspirin, sugar and otherDrawing of a Family and a Christmas Tree additives added to the water are not necessary. Research has shown that plain water will keep a tree fresh.
  • Check for worn Christmas tree light electrical cords and always unplug at night. Use UL approved electrical decorations and cords. Miniature lights produce less heat and reduce the drying effect on the tree.
  • A dry tree is a fire hazard. Take down the tree before it dries out. Many fresh cut trees if properly cared for should last about four weeks.

Tip! For easier watering, use a funnel and a 3 or 4 foot tube of PVC pipe. Slip the tube over the funnel outlet, extend tubing down into the tree stand and water without bending over or disturbing the tree skirt.

Living Christmas Tree Care

  • Gradually introduce your living tree to being indoors by keeping it in a garage or enclosed porch for three or four days before bringing it into your house.
  • You may wish to use an anti-wilt product to minimize needle loss. This product reduces the loss of valuable moisture that is lost in our warm houses.¬† Spray the tree before bringing it inside.
  • Stand the tree in a large galvanized tub. The tub stabilizes the tree and confines water and needles into a more manageable and cleanable space.
  • Locate your tree in the coolest part of the room and away from heat sources.
  • Water your tree as often as necessary to moisten the roots without over watering. A living tree should never be in standing water. Remove excess water with a turkey baster. Never add nutrients or fertilizers.
  • Leave the tree inside no longer than 4-5 days. Carefully introduce the tree back outside using the reverse procedure as introducing it into the house. Plant as soon as possible.

Tip! Plan ahead by preparing the planting hole before the ground freezes. Keep the soil covered and fill the hole with straw or cover with plywood.

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