We are very excited to announce that starting today, December 1st, we will be givingDanner Gore-Tex Logo away a $250 D&B Supply gift card every day for 14 days. Yes, 14 days! Thanks to Danner and Gore-Tex for making this possible for our customers, we appreciate the support.

How To Win
This is a very simple contest that has a few simple steps:

  • Visit any boot department at your favorite D&B Supply Store
  • Try on a pair of Danner boots
  • Receive instructions from sales associate on how to enter online
  • Repeat every day

How Will Winners Be Announced
Winners will be announced every day from the previous days entries starting December 2nd. When you enter online, you will be asked to give your email address, this will be our way of contacting you.

Can I Win More Than Once
Yes. Just follow the “How To Win” directions from above every day.

Again, thank you to Danner Boots and Gore-Tex for making this drawing possible. Happy holidays!

  1. Shelley Swander says:

    Okay my husband wears Danners. How do we sign up to win a new pair. He and my two boys wear danner boots and that is all they have. They like them so much they named our hunting dog Danner. Can you sign up with out trying on new ones?

  2. Kaylyn Reznicek says:

    My husband loves his “Pronghorn”s!!! Here’s to hoping we get a giftcard to buy him new ones since his are almost worn out! Thank you D&B

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