We have stopped this contest as of 11/30/11 at 8:34am MST because we haven’t given away enough Wrangler gift certificates. We are going to alter the contest for bigger rewards and get back to ya! Thanks. -jen

We have been giving away gift certificates, good for a pair of Wrangler Jeans at any D&B Supply store, and thought it would be a good idea to give away more, but we need your help. Through a variety of social media outlets we have been able to reach out to our customers and fans and have them contribute their voice, like the Recipe of the Week and our first official D&B Supply book review by Amanda Patchin. We have also been able to highlight our customers and employees with the People of Our West series and get to know what they are passionate about. We know the voices that contribute for us represent what D&B Supply has been about for over 50 years; service, integrity and relationships.

We would like to expand our Facebook numbers before the New Year so more voices can be heard, read, and in the case of our Recipe of the Week, dipped in chocolate. Since we love giving stuff away, we thought we would do just that, give lots of Wranglers away in a short amount of time.

How to Enter to Win
Reply to this blog by giving us your favorite holiday memory (one word or twenty). We ask that you enter only once per email address, be creative and sip hot chocolate while doing so. We can’t force you to follow any of these suggestions, we can just ask.

How We Will Give Away the Wranglers
Every time our Facebook numbers increase by 25 (starting at 4725), we will draw a random entry to this blog. The best news is that once you enter, you are always entered! Once we hit 5000, we can all do a little dance together and maybe give more stuff away.

How You Can Help
We are following Facebook rules by having this contest take place on this blog, but really, we are relying on our current followers to ask their friends to “Like” D&B Supply in order for us to reach this goal. There are a few ways you can go about this:

  • Click “Reshare” on a D&B Supply post, along with a note to your friends, about the fun contests or timely, and sometimes nummy, information that you receive from D&B Supply’s Facebook page. This will give your friends the link right to us.
  • Skywriting and some guerrilla marketing tactics have been suggested as well, but we think the above idea is the way to go.

Thank You
We wouldn’t be able to do as many contests, promotions or giveaways on Facebook if not for the support of the fans we currently have. Thank you so very much and good luck!

If a “25” mile marker is hit outside of regular business hours we will make sure to notify everyone the next day.

  1. Laura Walech says:

    It is sooo hard to pick just one holiday memory, each one becomes a favorite for reasons of their own. Any day spent with people you love and enjoy becomes a favorite day, a blessed memory to cherish.
    There have been too many wonderful Christmas’ in my life…. how can I choose?! The ones spent in the mountains with friends, the ones spent with grandparents when I was young, those with my children when they were very young, and now my grandchildren. Or the ones where the small simple gifts brought me to tears…. unexpected guests for the day, drop by relatives one hasn’t seen in years… and those spent visiting a stranger and blessing them on a what would have been a lonely holiday…. No I’m sorry, I thought maybe I could choose one.. and I can’t. But I do wish for each and every person a day filled with love, peace and great joy, as we celebrate Christmas, may all know the true meaning of this day set aside, and may each of us be awed by what it truly means. May the Lord Bless each home, each family, each person with His presence this day, and every day….

  2. Justin Lattig says:

    My favorite holiday memory is the first Christmas after my son was born. He was a mere 5 months old, but the holiday spirit – True holiday spirit – resided in us all. It wasn’t about material gifts, it was about time with family, and reveling in that which is Jesus Christ.

  3. Malissa Golden says:

    Hard to only pick one, but the Christmas before my Mom passed away goes to #1 in my book. You never really realize how special family is until they are gone. Christmas hasn’t been the same without her.

  4. Christi Horton says:

    Happy Holidays! Very hard to list one favorite holiday memory. Every holiday is special when spent with family and friends which we have been blessed to do every year!

  5. Amber says:

    My favorite memory of Christmas is one that I love to relive yearly…picking out the perfect tree with my kids and watching their faces light up as they see all their decorating come together and the tree lights plugged in 🙂 nothing better then knowing you put a smile on your kids faces and just did sonething together that will last in their memory banks forever 🙂

  6. anyla kast says:

    spending it with my mom before she lost her battle to cancer or my gramma hanging her last christmas ornament on the christmas tree before she passed away..also my grandbaby she is 15 months opening her presents last year like she had done it a hundred times before

  7. Jason Rose says:

    Best Holiday memory for me is spending chirstmass with my family It had been 19 years since I was able to celebrate christmas with them.

  8. Caron Lappin says:

    My fondest memory during the holiday season is during Christmas. My family(grand parents aunts and uncles included)get together at my grand parents house to open gifts from each other.My grandpa always has a fire going in the fireplace, grandma Ben has homemade Divinity(my fav)and the same christmas tree that she has had since my mom and aunt and uncle had when they were kids.Underneath this good ole tree is all the gifts wrapped in their pretty paper and big bows.glittering in the light from the tree.
    This has been a ritual for us since I was a kid.Our family now consists of grand parents, parents, aunts uncles and cousins and great grand babies.It is always a fun nite as we look out of the huge windows and see the house lights glowing on the fresh snow. and the grand kids and great grandkids out trying to build snowmen.

  9. jill mcmorris says:

    My favorite holiday memory is the whole family sitting around doing white elephant gifts and then my grandma would bring out her berry red pail ( a red bucket ) with gifts for all usually a pict of her and a letter of what she had done for the year and that she loves us what a great thing to have from someone so special since you never know how long you have with your loved ones.

  10. Donna Streeter says:

    My fondest memories are of the 1st year my (oldest) daughter and her hubby moved out of town and was able to make it back home for Christmas due to everyone (in both families) pitching in to help with travel expenses. Seeing the glow of happiness in her eyes, that she didn’t miss another Christmas away from the family, and that we would make sure in the future that they didn’t, and they haven’t. Now toting grandbaby home also. Counting our blessings.

  11. James Miller says:

    Celebrating my 50th tour around the sun with family. Though we’ve been through a lot, lost a lot, we have each other. That is the meaning of the Holidays for me, Having Family.

  12. Janet says:

    So many special memories, one of the standouts would be when I was growing up in the bay area and my Dad and I would always get the most perfect silver tip tree every year. Decorated with beautiful ornaments from the early to mid 1900’s. The huge traditional family reunions every year with all the men in the “football” room and all the women cooking and chatting. Another would be when my own kids were small and we would take them out every year and tour the town we lived in the mountains looking at all the beautiful lights. A favorite house every year had a tunnel of lights through the entire circle drive down a hill and around and back up with the huge displays in the windows with moving life sized elves ect.!!

  13. Becky Barkell says:

    My favorite holiday memory is from when I was eight years old. I woke up Christmas eve in the middle of the night. I heard some sounds that sounded like sleigh bells. I was to terrified that Santa would know I was awake and not leave anything so I stayed as still as I could and went back to sleep. I told my parents this story a couple years ago. They laughed and said the furnace made that noise. I thought it was funny, but as an eight year old, I didn’t take any chances of getting up to see what it was, I wanted Santa to come.

  14. Jamie Reasoner says:

    My favorite holiday memories include the traditions my families practiced. Thanksgiving was always dinner at noon and an afternoon of turkey hunting for the men and setting up great grandma’s Christmas tree. Christmas was full of travel. Christmas Eve at Dad’s family and Christmas Day with Mom’s family. Now that we are all older and some of our family is gone, we have new traditions to pass on.

  15. Tami Saleen says:

    JESUS, Family, hot totties and Christmas lights, breath that you can see in the cold and smiles from giving unexpected gifts!

  16. Tabitha Anderson says:

    My favorite holiday memory has changed since having a child of my own. The first time she sat by the tree, lights twinkling in her eyes and opening the Christmas present she had hoped for…the look on her face was priceless!

  17. Gina says:

    My favorite holiday memory is of Christmas tree hunting. We would cut and haul the tree for our community hall where the students from our two room school would perform the annual Christmas program. Each year the tree would get bigger and bigger. My mom named the last and biggest one Wilbur.

  18. Wesley Smith says:

    It is so hard to pick just one best holiday memory, I have alot. I would honestly have to say that the best memory is when we(my family) goes to watch a children’s christmas play. It is very touching and I am glad that the children are learning the real meaning of christmas. Plus just getting to spend time with great family and friends.

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