To some people, Black Friday is the day of the year to take advantage of super deals, just in time for Christmas. But where did the name Black Friday come from and how did it start? According to Tim Martin of the News Blaze, it started in Philadelphia in 1966 to describe the heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic that happened the day after Thanksgiving. Later, the explanation referred to an accounting term meaning that stores were turning a profit, no longer in the red.

Although many eyes are “in the red” at 4am when dedicated, deal-seeking shoppers hit the stores, being in the black for any store is a good thing. Although some reports have Black Friday as the busiest shopping day of the year, in the past, it has come in second, only to the Saturday before Christmas. Funny films such as Jingle All The Way, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, depict the craziness that can happen when shoppers need the gift of the century and go to extremes to get it. Although we are not opening up at 4am, we are opening up an hour early, at 7am at all D&B Supply stores. Good luck this Black Friday, we hope your holiday shopping experience is a safe, successful and happy trip, even at 4am.

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