The snow shoveling season is upon us and we thought we would take this time to educate others with all our years of experience and wisdom on the proper ways to shovel your driveway and sidewalk.

How to Shovel Snow

  • Make sure there is snow
  • Have children
  • Educate children well, so the words “No, not like that. Just let me do it” are not spoken all winter long
  • Let them make mistakes (aka: stay in the house)
  • Have plenty of hot cocoa on hand for a job well done

All kidding aside, shoveling snow and taking care of the sidewalk during the winter can be an art form or a science experiment gone bad. Should you shovel while it is snowing or wait until it stops? Is it better to shovel first thing in the morning or when you get home at night? Can you just use ice melt? There are many ways to shovel and everyone has their own technique and tools, so we hope to offer a few tips on how to get into your winter shoveling groove.

If you use ice melt, be generous, but save some for the rest of us. Give your driveway and especially your sidewalks a good “salt and pepper” treatment and if you have an ice melt specific spreader, use it. If you use your lawn fertilizer spreader you might not be able to use it next spring due to the corrosive powers of the ice melt. Obviously, keep the ice melt off your grass and shrubs, but lay down enough so the neighbor lady doesn’t slip while walking Fido in the morning.

There are a plethora of snow shovels out there, with materials like steel, aluminium and poly carbonate.  The latest shovels to hit the market the past few years are ergonomically sound and claim to help your back. On a personal note, my husband will tell you yes, this is true. These wacky looking shovels have been selling like hotcakes the past few years, but we still have quite a few people stick with the good ol’ straight handle stand by.

However you, your kids or the neighbor kids shovel snow this winter, be safe and have the hot cocoa on hand for all to enjoy.

Girl Shoveling SnowGirl Shoveling SnowBoy Shoveling Snow

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