Whether you’re a hunter, logger, hiker, fireman, police officer, farmer, or Marine, you know the value of a comfortable, well-made boot to support and protect your foot. Turns out that the makers of Danner boots know that value too, which, perhaps, explains why the company has been building some of the best boots around since 1932. After all, customers like quality at a good price.

Danner was founded during the Great Depression when unemployment reached an astounding 25 percent in the United States. As the economy healed a little, entrepreneurs like Charles Danner were able to use relatively low raw material prices to good advantage.

Danner RAT boot for the U.S. Marine Corp.

Charles Danner’s shoe making business opened in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin with five employees, and a desire to make a good boot for workers. Those original Danner’s sold for under $4 a pair, and were handmade. In about 1936, Danner learned that there was stiff demand for well-made logging boots in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, according to some reports those logging boots were selling for as much as $20 per pair or five times the going rate for Danner’s wears.


After spending sometime in the Seattle, Washington area, Charles Danner moved his company to Portland, Oregon, where Danner still makes high-quality boots today. In fact, recently the U.S. Marine Corp awarded Danner’s parent company LaCrosse Footwear Inc. a $15.4 million contract for Danner’s USMC Rugged All-Terrain (RAT) boots to outfit American Marines serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

D&B Supply is very proud to offer well-made Danner boots in our 11 stores and online. You can learn more about Danner on the Fashion, Footwear, & Fun podcast, which you can download and listen to in your browser.

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