The Idaho Buckaroo Project has gained a following that includes cowboys, buckaroos, businesses, city dwellers and the arts community. I would like to extend a big “thank you” to all of you who follow us in the D&B Blogs.

New photographs from the project will be unveiled tomorrow night (November, 15th) in a special exhibit. A combination of western photography and high-energy, Country-Cajun music will be the featured event, Tuesday, November 15th, at the Nampa Civic Center, Brandt Auditorium. The Center will host photographer, Andrea Scott, who will share her new photographs from the Idaho Buckaroo Project. This project is preserving our buckaroo and cowboy history here in Idaho.  She is the featured artist before the Doo-Wah Riders concert and her work will be on display. There is no admission to view the photographs; tickets to the concert are $28.

There is no one else like the Doo-Wah Riders. For over 30 years they have been riding their own patch of the musical range throughout the west. They possess the rare combination of many years of experience and youthful energy, fired by a love for what they do. The Doo-Wahs are country, with a unique, original sound. They define their sound as “high energy country with a Cajun twist”. Their tight musicianship and powerful arrangements of classic and original songs have made them favorites everywhere they go.

Idaho Buckaroo Roping



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