Deviled EggsToday is National Deviled Egg Day and since we had so much fun with National Zucchini Day, we thought we would share a Twitter conversation this morning with Exodus Wilderness Adventures. It was eggcellent.

@dbSupply: It’s National Deviled Egg Day. What a great day!

@RiverEscape: Eggsellent!

@dbSupply: HA! Eggsellent is right! Eggstrodinary as well.

@RiverEscape: An eggsistential eggsample, even!

@dbSupply: You win! This eggersize could be egghausting.

@RiverEscape: You’re crafty … I didn’t eggspect something to be over easy.

@dbSupply: Well done! That one can be scrambled up and eggsploited ’till the chickens come home.


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