Contest time!
On Thursday morning we will be giving away a gift certificate for a pair of Wrangler’s when you answer the following questions as a response in this blog. We will choose a random response Thursday morning, the 3rd of November and contact that person via email.


  1. From our “Featured” category on our new online store, which brand would you most likely purchase? (click here to go to page)
  2. Which brand would you like to see sold on our site?

If you don’t see your response right away, it just means your entry hasn’t been approved just yet. If it’s clean, it will make it — promise!

Thank you and good luck!


  1. Malissa Golden says:

    1.) Carhardt and Cinch, my boyfriend wears both!! And it’s almost Christmas. 🙂

    2.) I think D&B sells all of the brands that I buy. Cruel Girl, Carhardt, Cinch, Wrangler, John Deere apparel! I love the store and LOVE the new online store!! Very excited for it!!

  2. Janet Gillis says:

    Probably Cruel Girl, one of my Daughters had a pair on the other day that she bought at D&B of course and they looked really good on her. I told her I need to try on a pair! And another friend was just commenting on FB about the fabulous day she had shopping for new jeans at D&B! Looks like I need new jeans at D&B:)

  3. Celena Hefner says:

    1-My brand of choice definitely has to be Wrangler!

    2-I would really like to see the brand Twisted X!! I love there boots!

  4. Celena says:

    1. Cruel Girl for me!! and i would definitely have to buy cinch for my family!!!
    2. The site has all the major brands that I buy!!

  5. Amanda Rambo says:

    1.) I think I would try the Cowgirl Tuff (don’t fence me in).

    2.) I am a big fan of Carhartt womens jeans so I wish you would have more of a selection on those for your online store.

  6. James Miller says:

    • Carhartt or Wrangler
    For me this is more of a size dependent issue 1st, brand is 2nd, weight of the material & price after.

    • Dickies
    Not many stores carry pants in the 54″ yet Dickies does carry that and wider. Have switched to Dickies jeans for that reason.

  7. Renessa says:

    Wrangler all the way!! I love the fit, they are perfect for everything I do from work to play!

    I only buy my jeans at D&B, so you already sell the ones I need!

  8. Pam Burns says:

    1. Wranglers most definitely!

    2. I can’t think of any other brand of jeans other than what you already sell that I would want to buy. You have an excellant variety already!

  9. Kendall Meyer says:

    1. I’d most likely buy Cruel Girl or Wrangler because they’re adorable and comfortable!

    2. I’d LOVE to see Adiktd sold on your site too, they have some darling jeans!
    🙂 Thanks D&B!

  10. Margie Giles says:

    I would most likely purchase the Womens wrangler Q-baby cow girl cut mid rise jeans..

    the brand i would also like to see sold would be the original 501 shrink to fit levis..

  11. Erika says:

    1. I would most likely purchase Cowgirl Tuff jeans and would love to see a larger selection on-line and in stores!

    2. Rock 47 by Wrangler would be a great addition to the on-line store.

  12. Steve Bennett says:

    1. The brand I’d most likely purchase would be Cinch (White Label Jean).

    2. The brand I’d like to see would be Kuhl.

  13. Amber Richardson says:

    1. Cowgirl tuff don’t fence me in or cruel girl 🙂

    2. You guys already carry all the brands I wear 🙂

  14. brittney says:

    1. I would be most likely to buy the Cowgirl Tuff jeans.

    2. I would like to see you start selling Rock & Roll Cowgirl! 🙂

  15. Becca Hobdey says:

    1. I would most likely purchase Cinch jeans [for my man :)] or Cowgirl Tuff and Cruel Girl jeans for me. They look so good on every body type!

    2. I would love to see Adiktd brand on your site, their jeans are adorable.

  16. Denyce says:

    I LOVE the Wrangler Q-Babies but there’s nothing better than Cowboy Magic when it comes to manes and tails!

    I’d like to see Carhartt Overalls for women. Overalls are such a foundation piece of clothing for an easy way to get dressed to feed.

  17. KAth Fisher says:

    1. Carhartt jeans are awesome.. got my hubby one for Christmas last year and they still look great!! And he loves them..not happening to often!

    2. I would have to look around to see other brands but I always buy them at D$B so… dont know any others except the ones we dont buy!

  18. Cody says:

    I would most likely purchase Cinch for him and Cruel Girl for me.
    I would love to see Adiktd available for purchase on your site!

  19. Toni Brown says:

    Carhardt and Cinch. Both, very good brands.

    I usually buy Wrangler, but need plus size. I would like to see that online.

  20. Bob Jones says:

    CARHART would be my choice. I can’t think of any brands that you don’t carry. You have all the brands I buy.

  21. Anna Gonzales says:

    1) I like to wear Cruel Girls Jeans and Wranglers. Western Jeans hold up better than any other jeans in my line of work. So they are the only ones I buy. D@B is the Best place to purchase them.

    2) I don’t usually buy online because I like to try them on first, but always like to look and see what’s new ans in style.

  22. Andrea Gonzales says:

    I like Cruel Grils jeans and Wranglers. They are the best for showing in 4h. Really like all the new cute styles in girls jeans.

  23. Anna Gonzales says:

    I like Cruel girl and wranglers. Western Jeans hold up better in my line of work than anyother jeans out there.
    I like to try on my jeans, so I don’t buy online, but I like to see whats new.

  24. Jen says:

    We have a winner for this week! We randomly chose a number (using and 12 was this weeks lucky number!

    Congratulations Becki who (like everyone else) answered the questions…
    1. Relaxed fit straight leg jeans
    2. Merrell shoes
    …and is now going to receive a gift certificate good for a pair of Wrangler’s from D&B Supply.

    Keep your eyes open for more giveaways!

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