To celebrate D&B’s new online store, we are giving away a gift certificate good for a pair of Wrangler jeans at the end of the day on October 27th, 2011.

How to Enter:
Give us a short and sweet comment below of why you love your Wranglers.

The collective partnership of the D&B marketing department will choose the best short and sweet comment by the end of the day on October 27, 2011 and notify the winner via email, first thing Friday morning, the 28th of October.

Be creative, clean, short, sweet and have fun with it. Good luck!

  1. Marti Combs says:

    Every time I put on my Wranglers I’m reminded of my fist pair when I was 6 or 7 years old. I think I lived in those jeans. The memories of 4-H, my first horse, playing with the barn cat, and changing in the car for after school trail rides all come flooding back. In essence, they make me feel like a kid again. They just feel like home.

  2. Linda Warrell says:

    Well, I like Wrangler jeans because even at the age of 65, I still ride horses and I know my butt will look good in the saddle,and in the mirror!
    yep, I love ’em!!!

  3. Teri Patterson says:

    I love Wrangler because I just saw on the news that their factory was distroyed along with the entire town and instead of shutting down they rebuilt their factory and bussed the workers to work everyday from their temporary homes. Instead of outsourcing they stayed in America and provided jobs! Go Wrangler!

  4. Bob says:

    They are just the best pants to wear, whetherriding a horse, 4 wheeler or just working livestock. They are the most comfortable pants ever. Never buy anything else..

  5. Lisa Bourque says:

    I loves me some Wranglers… I have some of the original “copper rivet” ones. I also have the Q-babies. Some of my newer ones were “taken” by a so called friend, I was devestated..I am unable to buy some more right now, cause I am unemployed. Love it when I can find them at Goodwill stores!! Long live cowgirls and wranglers..

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