BSU Bronco Girl Chelsie and her Horse WillieHave you ever met the Boise State University Bronco Girl, Chelsi Horton, and her horse Willy? Now you have the chance to meet one of the nicest young ladies around, who is a true Idaho cowgirl, and her beautiful, blue-eyed horse, Willy.

Chelsi and Willy attend every home game of the nationally ranked Boise State University Football team by exploding out of the smoke filled tunnel leading the team, to what the 30,000-plus, screaming fans, anticipate is another victory. Although there will not be any smoke and Willy won’t be exploding out of any tunnels, you are invited to come meet Chelsi and Willy, (see schedule below) get an autograph and take pictures with the very photogenic duo. All appearances are from 10am to 1pm in the parking lot of the following D&B Supply stores. You can also visit our “Where’s Chelsi” Facebook page here to get directions.

Saturday, October 15th: Meridian, Idaho

Saturday, October 29th: Boise, Idaho

Saturday, November 5th: Caldwell, Idaho

See you there!

BSU Bronco Girl Chelsie and her Horse, WillieBSU Bronco Girl and her Horse, WilieBSU Bronco Girl Chelsie and her Horse WillieBSU Bronco Girl, Chelsie and her Horse, Willie

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