Kevin HensenKevin Hensen is the richest guy in town. He is engulfed in riches which include positive, life-loving people and he continually lifts the spirits, dreams and self worth of the kids that come to him to learn the rodeo life. Kevin gives everything he has to everything he does, which his “everything” is a very long list: Husband, Father, role model, teacher, employee, farrier, band leader, cattle contractor and a really great human being. 

He makes life so simple by following these easy rules of how to be rich: “I try my hardest at everything I do. I am in a good position and I have a good attitude because I surround myself with good, positive people.”

This native Caldwell cowboy is very well known in the world of rodeo and other facets of the western lifestyle. Kevin and Sheila, his wife of twenty years, run Rodeo Fever on their Caldwell property where they educate 7 to 14 year old cowboys and cowgirls how to buck steers and horses. “Deep down, it takes a special woman to constantly have people showing up on your front porch and throwing a rodeo in your front yard. You really have to like what your husband does to have that twenty feet outside your house all the time.”

As a part-time farrier, he fits in shoeing ten to fifteen horses a week, in-between all the other jobs he does as well. He has been employed by D&B Supply for twenty-two years, and is one of our best advertising campaigns ever. He represents and lives everything our customers do, and does them right along side them. He is constantly “talking shop” to local ranchers and farmers swapping stories, experiences and what can be done better and more efficiently. It’s what he knows and it’s what he does well.

Kevin Hensen Teaching a Young RiderAlong with teaching young cowpokes how to buck, Kevin also sub-contracts junior steers to Idaho and Oregon rodeos throughout the season. After these events, you might just see Kevin in another role he loves, band leader. Buckin’ Country started as his grandfather’s band, which he now leads and occasionally, gets to sing and play side by side with his own eight year old son, Aaron.

Kevin’s fatherly ways goes beyond his own blood, it extends to all the kids that have come through Rodeo Fever over the years. Some of “his kids” have even made it to the PRCA and come back to help train the next generation of rodeo stars. Kevin and Sheila have a ‘no push’ policy that the parents are fully aware of, and sign off on, before their son or daughter starts to ride. This is supposed to be fun so even if the dad (which Kevin jokes that some couldn’t even ride a stick horse) is pushing, when the kid is scared and say no — no means no. This is about the kids, not the parents desire to have a future, professional bull or bronc rider in their family.

When the kids hit fourteen, and if they are ready, Kevin graduates them to Jimmy Young’s ranch in Melba to start with the four-year-old bulls and some training from guys that rode in the PBR in their former lives.

Steve Tatman, D&B’s Caldwell store manager says, “I’ve never seen the kid have a bad day, he comes to work every day on top of the world. He gets more phone calls than I do and is constantly on the clock. He’s as cowboy as cowboy comes.”

Kevin’s riches are that of legends. His heart pours gold, his cowboy soul glistens like diamonds and his knowledge is priceless. He is one wealthy man, “Life is more than money. The other stuff makes me rich.”

Many more pictures can be found at D&B’s Flickr site.

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  1. Tiphani Rynearson says:

    My family has known Kevin for a few years now. He has taught both if my younger brothers the cowboy way and they have both graduated from Rodeo Fever. I have seen Kevin in action on his ‘no push’ policy, I have never seen any man that calm while handling situation like those. He is a very good man and has a heart of gold.

    P.S. Did I mention that Buckin Country was the band I had for my wedding? It was way cool to have them and that they actually agreed to it.

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