A Burning MarshmallowAny excuse to eat marshmallow’s is a great day.

Today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day, or some might argue that it is National Burned Marshmallow Day? We all know that either toasted, or burned, marshmallow’s are the only way to have a S’mores but we were wondering a few things:

  1. Is there a proper technique to toasting a marshmallow?
  2. Is a marshmallow better or worse with flecks of campfire ash stuck on one side?
  3. When making a S’more, how do you stack it?
  4. Have you seen the new HUGE marshmallow’s? Discuss.

Thanks for answering some of these age old questions for us. Although someone’s perfect marshmallow is different than the next person’s, I think we can all agree that they are a childhood memory that we are thrilled to share with our own sticky children.

UPDATE: Here is the official-unofficial survey for the National Toasted Marshmallow Day courtesy of our Facebook Friends. Congratulations to the toasted marshmallow fans.

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