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Tri-Tip BBQ Sammiches

I have been asked to write a bit about one of my favorite BBQ goodies. There are many to choose from, but one of the most simple that seems to please everyone is the Tri-Tip Sammiches. Yes I mis-spelled Sammiches. It just sounds better and suits the meal.

Let me begin with my favorite toy. That would be the “Traeger” Grill. I love it. It is a smoker, pellet feed, grill. It has a temperature control and it cooks like an oven, but smokes the meat in an incredible way. As someone that spent a few years growing up in the South, I love BBQ. The Traeger reminds me of those smells and tastes, and with the temperature control, it has been a joy to learn. I highly recommend them!

Here is how we do!


  • 1-2 Tri-Tip Roasts
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sea Salt
  • Basil
  • Favorite BBQ Sauce
  • Honey
  • Brown Sugar
  • Buttermilk/Potato Buns or Rolls

Prepping TriTip

Prepping TriTip

Prepping TriTip

Start with some awesome Tri-Tip Sirloins. I get mine at Cash and Carry, but have been looking for a good Butcher to start getting my cuts from. So far, Cash and Carry has been the best.

I have tried a lot of rubs and a lot of marinades over the last few years. My personal opinion is, in the end, the meat rules. Let it do what it needs to do and you won’t be disappointed. Add your sauce and spices at the end.  I now keep it simple. Unwrap the meat, trim some excess flavor (some people call it fat), then I just do nice olive oil rum over the meat. I feel like when you are smoking or slow cooking the oil seals the meat and helps me make it sticky for a good salt and pepper rub, maybe add a few herbs, but again, I like to keep it clean. Nice even coat of salt, pepper, sea salt, basil is perfect.

Grilling TriTip

Grilling TriTip

Serving TriTip

The Tri-Tip is essentially a roast, so when you are BBQ’n this meat understand that you are aiming to get a good perfect internal temperature. Pulling it at the right time is critical. Too done, and it can be quite awful. Too rare and it gets a bit messy.

Internal meat should have a final internal temperature between 145-150 for a nice medium. I like it around 140 so that I can re-grill it after I cut it. To get this final temp I generally remove it from the grill a good 10 degrees prior. To do this, I am turning off the grill around 130 to 132 internal meat temperatures. This results in the meat generally reaching the 140 mark when cooled.

After about a 15-20 minute cool off the grill, take the meat out and cut across the grain in nice even sammich pieces. You can cut the tri-tip into half and then slice it from there. That makes for better sammich cuts. After I cut it all up, I then add back in a serving tray and then add my favorite BBQ sauce, mixed with some honey, and a bit of brown sugar. Just enough to coat the meat. I then throw the meat back on the grill at high temperature setting. 450-500 degrees is the best. That makes the sauce caramelize into and around the meat. For sammiches it doesn’t get any better. Leave it on for a quick 3-4 minutes and turn often. Yank it when you see the sauce bubbling to serving tray.

Serving TriTip

Serving TriTip

Serving TriTip

I like to serve it with a nice buttermilk bun, or rolls.
Server with your favorite side and enjoy! The second day left over’s are even better!

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