People Looking at StarsThe tagline for the Caldwell Night Rodeo is “Where the Cowboys Are The Stars.” Except for the obvious ones in the sky, it seems to be a play on words, unless you know the humbling story of why the cowboys really are the ONLY stars around.

At most of the bigger rodeo’s you will find a country artist mixed in with the week long festivities and at one time, this was true with the Caldwell Night Rodeo. Through a series of bad luck, bad weather, bad timing and bad attendance in the 1960’s the Caldwell Night Rodeo pulled the plug on trying to be what everyone else was doing and went back to what the fans wanted, the cowboys. You can read the full story on the Caldwell Night Rodeo website and see how keeping it simple and pure has led to a legendary rodeo where cowboys from far and wide make a point in being the star for at least one night.

Of course you can purchase your Caldwell Night Rodeo tickets at any D&B Supply store before, during or after you get all duded up for the weeks events. Have a great time, enjoy the pureness of the CNR and don’t forget to root for your favorite star.

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