Zucchini BikiniWe Have A Winner!
The First Annual D&B National Zucchini Day Poetry Contest

Congratulations to Cindy and her winning Zucchini Poem (and the picture she posted on our Facebook page — priceless!). There were some great entries and we had fun with the haiku’s as well. Thank you everyone for participating and we look forward to seeing your submissions for the Second Annual D&B National Zucchini Day Poetry Contest!

Well how many words rhyme with zucchini,
To tell the truth there aren’t very many.
That being said I thought I would tell
How receiving the fruit I did well.
How without planting a single seed
How much zucchini I really need.
Before I could come up with the amount,
I started getting more than I could count!
The phone rings and I hear my dear brother
I’ve got enough, do you need another
There’s quite a few that are small
So many I can’t count them at all.
My friend drops in and surprise
Now I’ve got them up to my eyes
Good thing there’s so many ways I hear
To fix them for vittles the next year
One thing I’ll never do with zucchini
is be caught picking it while wearing a bikini

— Cindy, 2011

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