ZucchiniYou have been waiting all year for this day and now, it is finally here! National Zucchini Day is upon us and what else should we be doing but celebrating this beautiful, bountiful squash in all it’s glory and excess.

According to About.com, zucchini is relatively new to the United States, at least it’s name and use. Today, it is a staple of any backyard garden and a favorite squash to sneak share with your neighbors and co-workers.

Whether you slice it, dice it, shred it, freeze it or fry it, this summer squash is a great, healthy way to enjoy your summer with a bountiful feast of perfectly prepared zucchini.

In honor of National Zucchini Day, we are giving away a coffee tumbler and a hat to the best zucchini rhyme of the day. Ours today was:

One Zucchini, Two Zucchini, Three Zucchini, Four! Sneak some to your neighbor, on their front door! Happy Zucchini Day!

Thank you to @Amy_Larson for her submission via Twitter:

Hilarious. And a great reminder to lock my front door and latch the back gate…unless I want zucchini on my plate.

Post your zucchini rhyme below to win! We (the D&B Marketing Department) will choose two winners today & will notify them via email Tuesday morning. Good luck!

  1. Jen Harris says:

    Here is @Amy_Larson’s submission through Twitter:

    Hilarious. And a great reminder to lock my front door and latch the back gate..unless I want zucchini on my plate.

  2. Rebecca J Smith says:

    Today is National Zucchini day
    and this is what I have to say.
    You are good in many dishes
    but not so good with knishes.
    You are the best when baked in bread
    especially with some buttery spread.
    Oh zuchchini how I love thee
    you are so good for me.

  3. Sara says:

    Zucchini how I love thee,
    You taste so good to me,
    I wish I was a better cook,
    And gardener as it be.
    I always have to purchase you,
    But only when your ripe,
    Im drooling as I write this,
    Its dripping as I type.
    As much as I want to win this,
    My prize might just be,
    To go home and have some,
    Of something ZUCCHINI!!

  4. Cindy says:

    OK Wierd! This really did happen just today and I had tiime to think it out how to word it! LOL…..

    Well how many words rhyme with zucchini,
    To tell the truth there aren’t very many.
    That being said I thought I would tell
    How receiving the fruit I did well.
    How without planting a single seed
    How much zucchini I really need.
    Before I could come up with the amount,
    I started getting more than I could count!
    The phone rings and I hear my dear brother
    I’ve got enough, do you need another
    There’s quite a few that are small
    So many I can’t count them at all.
    My friend drops in and surprise
    Now I’ve got them up to my eyes
    Good thing there’s so many ways I hear
    To fix them for vittles the next year
    One thing I’ll never do with zucchini
    is be caught picking it while wearing a bikini

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