Jake Telford is a well respected horse trainer and a National Reined Cow Horse Association competitor with more than $1 million in earnings. Recently, Telford, thanks to the folks at Nutrena, hosted a clinic for the winners of D&B’s “Day with Jake” contest.

Five winners and their guests were invited to the Telford Training in Caldwell for a clinic. Nutrena representatives also demonstrated how to estimate a horse’s body condition and provided some horse care tips.

I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the winners at the clinic and I have posted many of these here.

Jake Telford

Jake Telford

Jesse Telford

horse at trailer

smiling on the porch

Riders in the Arena

Jake teaching at the clinic

Jake demonstrating

Riding in the arena

More riders in the arena

Turning in the small arena

riding in the small arena

warming up in the small arena

outside of the arena

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