We received the following letter from the parents of Emily, a local, very savvy, eleven year old young lady who has an idea of how to negotiate her milking cows for a new horse named Belle.

It’s very nice to see a young lady be so responsible and strategically think out how she could raise money and negotiate her current stock, in order to earn something of value she really wants. Much better than just whining or begging for it.

Emily seems to know and understand the value of working and earning her way, good job Mom and Dad! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Dear Mom and Dad,

This morning, when I was riding in the feed wagon with Bailey, she told me that Tom had said earlier that he would gladly trade five or six milk cows for Belle, a seven year old mare that instead of Wyoming, I had ridden yesterday to White Rock.  She was very agreeable the whole trip, responding the first time to every command given.  She did spook twice although it was my fault on one account. Bailey also suggested that I ride Belle in a rodeo this summer.

I own ten cows, counting my two bulls. But, I don’t really want to get rid of all but two heifers, and in any case most of the cows I own aren’t milking quite yet.  In all, I have: Ruthie, Georgie, Bobbie Ray, Jazzi, Terry, Janet, Francis, Maebelle, Aggie, and one cow who’s name I can’t remember.  Only Ruthie and What’s-her-bucket are milking, and frankly, I’m not selling Ruthie.  Right now, I could part with: What’s-her-bucket, Jazzi, Terry and $200 from my bank account. Aggie and Ruthie are pregnant, and What’s-her-bucket MIGHT be.  So If What’s-her-bucket is then that is as good as parting with four cows.  If Aggie also has a bull, then I could also sell that one.

I know that you might think that I’m jumping the gun a little, having only ridden the mare once, but I have an idea: If I go to the rodeo with Belle this summer and do good, and if Tom accepts my offer, then I think that it’s only fair that I get a chance to get Belle.

Sincerely, Emily

Thank you to Emily’s Mom, Rebecca for sending over the letter, these pictures and the following explanation.

The first picture is of Emily on a BORROWED horse named Wyoming at the Elmore Co. fair where she took 3rd in barrels-(first ever rodeo). Ironically, she is clothed from top to bottom in D and B wear.  3rd picture is of her and Jazzi-one of the 6 cows she would be happy to sacrifice for a horse.

Emily on a HorseEmily in a hatEmily looking at a cow

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