Queen Megan CharrierCommitted, responsible and kind are all qualities that parents hope for in their children and in turn, supportive, positive and happy are qualities that children hope for in their parents. When all of these traits come together, you get a family dynamic that is easy to take a liking to and fun to watch. Megan Charrier is an outgoing, tough but sweet 16 year old who, through the amazing support of her parents, have accomplished more than most college graduates and doesn’t plan on stopping.

Besides being the reigning Queen of the Western Riding Club, Megan also holds the title of 4H Idaho State Champion in Senior Team Demonstration which will lead her and teammate, Nicole Jordan, to nationals in Denver this January. After competing with the twelve and a half minute speech titled “Tail of Two Horses” the two horse lovers made it through County and District competitions with second place finishes and humbling thoughts of “Wow, we did it!” Megan’s parents had no doubt that they would finish at the top, it’s just what Megan does. After their speech was finished at State, the girls went back to being humble about their performance, but confident enough to laugh and have fun, like 16 year old’s should do. Then, they won it! The girls were shaking, trembling and even though he was on a business trip, Megan’s Dad, Rich, said it was the best giggly-cry phone call he had ever received.

This freckle-faced rough rider knows a thing or two about competition and has no problem standing up in front of a crowd speaking with poise, grace and the experience of someone twice her age. These traits were evident at an early age according to her mom, Jodi, when her second grade teacher commented that she had no doubt that Megan could teach her class with no problem.

Megan competed in gymnastics from age six to thirteen but only stopped because of injuries that would and has made any descent bull rider cringe. She then took up golf and once again competed and fared well for the BanBury Juniors Program but enjoyed golf more as a recreational sport instead of a competitive event. Now, the father-daughter tee-time is cherished and continues to this day as a special event just for the two of them.

Megan and her ParentsRich and Jodi have always made sure that their three girls stayed busy and active, so when Megan could no longer compete in gymnastics and the passion was not there in golf, Rich asked “What about riding horses?” After her first lesson with a family friend, a former Queen of the Eh Capa Bareback Riders, Megan instantly knew this was going to be her next new love. “She was a natural and took to it very quickly” says Rich who believes that the balance and strength she gained while being a gymnast, made her comfortable with the speed and height of a horse. Like any cautious parent, Rich and Jodi wanted to make sure that this new sport was something that she would stick with before they invested in a horse. So, like any overly ambitious young lady, Megan joined 4H to learn more and be surrounded by the equine world. Her horse’s name is Katie and they were undoubtedly meant for each other.

Megan’s love of horses goes back to Girl Scout days when she would tag along with her older sisters on their camp-outs and participate in activities like hiking, crafts and her favorite, horsemanship. She recalls having the same feelings for horses then that she has now. Although her parent’s never had horses and she currently lives in a subdivision, she knows it is somehow in her DNA to ride and be around horses.

Although it has only been three years since Megan started riding, she has taken to it like she has been doing it all her life. As the reigning Queen of the Western Riding Club, she loves being in the public eye, especially when she meets little boys and girls and can see how enamored they are with her. “It’s the ‘princess factor,’ says Rich, “kids love seeing a Queen or Princess in real life.” The thrill of being the WRC Queen is heightened by the adrenalin both her and her horse get right before they enter a rodeo arena at full speed. The horses are jazzed, Megan is excited, but in control of a 1200 pound animal going full speed just inches from the railing and spectators, all while smiling, waiving and keeping her hat on. It’s just part of what makes Megan an amazing, well accomplished, young lady.

Megan has her humbled sights set on being Miss Rodeo Idaho and of course Miss Rodeo America. She also enjoys her 4H activities with all her horse friends and although her high school friends are just now finding out about her royal title, for now she is just fine keeping her worlds a bit separate, with a little modern cowgirl mixed in every once in a while. “I love it when my high school classmates ask me where I got a certain piece of clothing and I tell them D&B. They get this look on their face and say ‘Really?’ I smile and move on. It’s like my own little secret.”

Rich and Jodi are over the top proud of their very accomplished 16 year old daughter, as they should be. She is humble, proud, talented, super sweet and seems to take life as it comes, but with direction, composure and fight of someone twice her age. Megan is not out to prove anything to anyone, she just wants to have fun and be a normal teenager — a championship speech presenting, rodeo queen, strong willed, normal teenager.

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