The Idaho Buckaroo project was launched less than six months ago and has grown rapidly with the support of fans and sponsors.

Our film premier of the movie “Buck” sold out and it was there that I met Tony Stevenson, President of High Country Plastics ― a major milestone for the Idaho Buckaroo Project. He said he would help support the project. Little did I know that also meant a horse trailer tack room makeover.

Friday morning I rolled into their Caldwell office site and Tony and Mike assessed the trailer’s current state and decided how to better organize it with the use of their products.

You should have seen it before ― empty water bottles in one corner, 3-4 boxes of brushes, fly spray, ointments, hoof picks, and miscellaneous tack, and ropes hanging over the bridles. There was little useable storage space, no where to hang clothes, and three small ice coolers.

High Country PlasticsYou cannot believe the end result: a clothes rack, 2 door-mounted hard boxes and a much coveted horse trailer cooler, which can handle cases of drinks, serves as a padded bench, and a stair step into the sleeping loft.

A 39-gallon corner water caddy meant no more hauling jugs of water. A trailer helper eliminates the need for a jack, and mat pullers lighten the dreaded chore of fighting with heavy rubber mats just to clean the trailer.

The best thing of all is that High Country Plastics is local and their products can be purchased at D&B Supply. Please support these sponsors as they support the Idaho Buckaroo Project.

Coming up next week are the adventures of going to Winnemucca for the Superior Livestock Auction with Colorful Cowgirl Gloria Keys, a 4th generation Mecate maker from Oreana, Idaho.

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