All Duded UpWe all love getting dressed up for the Snake River Stampede. Every July men pull out their dress Wrangler’s, women make sure that their blinging Cruel Girl’s fit just right from all angles and the kids get to wear their Tony Lama’s, just like Mom and Dad do when they go out dancing.

How about two free vouchers (that can be upgraded) for Saturday nights Snake River Stampede and a 20 percent off coupon from D&B to make sure that you are all dudded up for the night? Now there is no reason not to step out in brand new duds with a bit more swagger.

What Do I Win?
Starting today, July 14th, through Tuesday, July the 19th, we are holding a Best Rodeo Duds picture contest to win two vouchers for tickets to Saturday night’s Snake River Stampede along with a 20 percent off coupon to D&B to help the swagger factor for ya!

How Do I Win?
Upload a picture of you (or a cooperating family member) now through Monday the 18th to our Facebook contest page, follow the directions and spread the word to your friends and family that you have the Best Rodeo Duds around!

Our Facebook fans, along with your friends and family have one day, Tuesday the 19th, to vote on the Best Rodeo Duds picture. Winners will be announced Wednesday the 20th for the top 25 pictures with the most votes. Winners will win the ticket vouchers and a special 20 percent off coupon to be used at their favorite D&B store.

How Do I Pick Up the Vouchers and Coupon?
We will deliver the vouchers and the coupon to your favorite D&B which you can pick up right before you get all dudded up. We ask that participants live near a D&B Supply and are going to attend the Snake River Stampede. There is an expiration date on the 20 percent off coupon of August 6, 2011. We will communicate this with the 25 winners via email.

Who Can I use the 20 Percent off Coupon For?
You can outfit just you or your whole family if you want. It is a one time coupon that has an expiration date of  August 6th and we have limited it to clothing and shoes, but there are some minor restrictions. No worries, a very large percentage of all clothing and shoes are available for this discount.

What Type of Picture?
We ask that the picture be of you or a cooperating family member that gives their permission to be published on our Facebook page, on our blog, other social sharing websites and potentially in advertising materials. It doesn’t have to be a recent picture either. You as a young rodeo-going cow poke would be fantastic to see. We do have the right to refuse your entry if it is inappropriate or not family friendly. Be kind.

Have fun picking out your favorite duds for this contest, enjoying the 2011 Snake River Stampede and a potential 20 percent off shopping trip at your favorite D&B.

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