Do you love your White’s Boots? Are you always telling your friends and family about how you could not live with out them because of their durability, comfort or long lasting qualities?

We would love to hear from you.

We are looking for D&B customer testimonials for our September launch of our new online web store which we are kicking off with White’s Boots, Hathorn Boots and accessories. We would like to tell your story using either video or the written word. If you have pictures that describe your White’s Boots experience, we are open to that as well.

Please email me at social <at> d b supply <dot> com with your name, the type of boot you have and what you do in them (wildlands firefighter, a hunter, a guide). I look forward to hearing your story.

  1. Chris says:

    WHites boots are great they last forever and are excellent for logging and other serious outdoor work. Better than Wesco because they are not as stiff and heely.

  2. jeff calloway says:

    i own 2 piars of whites boots smoke jumpers. they are the most comrtable boots i have ever worn. i am a seed crop farmer in quincy, wa. i got my first piar of whites 20 yrs ago. it’s the only piar of shoes i own. thanks white boots.

  3. Jon Amend says:

    I am lucky to live about twenty minutes from White’s. I have been farming, logging, and fighting fire in a pair of White’s I have had for twelve years. The boots have been excellent. I wear them in the summer doing hay and working wildfires and in the fall while hunting and logging. I also have a pair of White’s Elk Packs that have been incredible for the last few years of heavy winters Spokane has had. Recently, I purchased a pair of White’s Semi Dress. The are my favorite boots yet. Great for walking, going to church and driving the tractor. They look excellent with a pair of jeans or with a suit. My family and I have greatly enjoyed our many pairs of White’s. They have kept us comfortable and safe through many hard days of work and play.

    Jon Amend
    Peone Fire Service

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