Miss Resistance Free Maggie the HorseQuiet, gentle and patient. For over forty years Richard Shrake has been instructing on how to achieve these great qualities in a horse, along with being on a mission “to pass his knowledge of Resistance Free Training to all horse people who want a program that works for them and their horses.” Choosing the right type of bit is essential to the level of communication that you have with your horse and will lead to a happy,¬†cooperative and giving¬†relationship.

This Thursday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm at the Meridian D&B Supply store, Richard will conduct a seminar on “bits”, covering what bits to use and why. He will also be conducting a feed nutrition seminar, endorsed by Purina Feeds, and will answer your question for approximately thirty minutes.

In addition to having Richard give his seminars, who was inducted in to the 2008 Horse Expo Hall of Fame, the D&B Supply Meridian store will have a special sale on select Purina Feeds and all Horse Bits from 6pm – 8pm.

Richard’s Credentials in the horse world are impressive. They range from author, University lecturer and syndicated columnist to the winner of the all-around horse rider and trainer at the Quarter Horse Congress, to the instructor of over forty World Championship youth winners. He has an incredible reputation with the youth and has been called “the ultimate coach” with his Resistance Free Training methods.

We look forward to you, visiting and learning with Richard Shrake this Thursday, July 14th at the Meridian D&B Supply store on Fairview in Meridian at 6pm.

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