Kyle DurenThe bull riding lawyer. That is how Kyle Duren was labeled, called and remembered when he was clerking for a judge after law school from the University of Idaho and to this day, he will still have certain lawyers ask “Aren’t you that bull riding lawyer?” That title is fine with Kyle, but after years of riding bulls professionally in the PBR and the PRCA, he no longer rides them, he raises them.

Kyle is one of three owners in Bovico Bucking Bulls, a local bull bucking company that we highlighted last month, which has become a hobby equivalent to some people’s passion with golf — but Kyle’s “golf clubs” just eat a lot of hay. Kyle couldn’t imagine his life any other way though. He was ranch raised in Soda Springs, Idaho on 450 acres where his parents, Ed and Marjean, still reside, raise cattle and live life the only way they know how, the ranching way. Ed, Professor Emeritus, retired from the University of Idaho was a livestock specialist and served as the liaison between the local ranchers and the University of Idaho Department of Animal and Veterinary Science and lays claim to the creation of the Redbook, a cattleman’s bible for better production records. Kyle still goes back often, just recently to transfer his cattle for the summer season, but believes his 11 acres in Kuna with his family is where they are going to stay.

Kyle started riding in mutton busting competitions in the Little Buckaroo Rodeo as soon as he was able to at the Caribou County Fair and progressed to ponies, calves and then of course, bulls. Kyle’s first bucking experience was with a pony but realized early on that he couldn’t hang on during the pony’s “buck” (really a run) out of the chute. At age nine Kyle met current Bovico partner, Jimmy Young, while he was riding calves in the Jr. Rodeo circuit. Apparently, it was easier to hold on to a bucking calf and later bulls, than a pony because Kyle went on to ride bulls in the PRCA and spent two years as a member and rider in the PBR.

Kyle Duren on a BullWhen Kyle was in high school and later in college at the University of Idaho, it was difficult to find a place to ride and practice what would later become a profession of a chosen, talented few. After retiring from bull riding Kyle and lifelong friend, Jimmy, started raising bulls because they wanted to provide an opportunity for young, local kids to learn how to ride bulls. However, they have since modified their focus to raising and competing with bulls in associations like the WSBBA (Western States Bucking Bull Association). Although traditionally, one does not make a significant amount of money at a hobby, as part of Bovico, the guys buck their bulls at Idaho Cowboy Association rodeos, PRCA rodeos, PBR and WSBBA events. At WSBBA events, they can win money based on how well their bulls buck. Any winnings are consumed, in the form of hay, by the real winners, the young bulls.

It is said that it is not if you will get hurt, but when. Kyle was very lucky to ride bulls from the age of 13 to 29 with just one major injury, a broken hand bone. When he finally stopped riding professionally a few years after law school, his parents were relieved that the stress of him riding every weekend was ending before he was seriously hurt and their investment in Kyle’s chosen profession, an insurance defense lawyer, was going to keep him safe. Although he still gets just as much of an adrenalin rush raising and training the bulls, he does not miss being scared while sitting on top of the bulls anymore. He loves rooting for both the cowboy and the bulls now and is a huge advocate of the riders who wear helmets and flak jackets now, unlike when he rode.

Kyle, Janet, Kyla and Jarrett Duren

Janet, Kyle, Kyla and Jarrett Duren

Kyle and his wife, Janet, have two kids, Kyla, 8 and Jarrett, 5 who both love the ranching lifestyle of bulls, cows and horses — and dancing, Kyla loves to dance! Like any kid with a fascination of what his dad does, Jarrett knows all the professional bulls’ names, their ranking, who rides them and who can’t. Janet is an accomplished cow cutter, growing up most of her life in Burley, Idaho, so she understands and supports Kyle’s hobby. What Kyla and Jarrett’s dad does in his spare time, away from being an associate attorney at Brady Law – Chartered in downtown Boise, is cherished family time which the entire family fully embraces. Like any working parent, it’s about a good balance.

Continuing the ranch raised lifestyle he knew growing up, the bull riding lawyer keeps busy taking care of their land, horses, bulls and each other. His family sticks together when they can at the numerous rodeo events during the year and they love playing together whether it is at an event or in their 11 acre back yard in Kuna. They love having fun together and taking care of the ranch together with the help of D&B, of course. Like any kid with a good toy radar, Kyla and Jarrett B-line it to the toy isle, while mom and dad shop for irrigation and ranch needs.

So, whatever you call Kyle; bull riding lawyer, bull raiser, rancher, dad, husband or just plain lawyer, his love of being a true ranch raised kid in eastern Idaho and a hard working adult, will inevitably be passed down to his kids with the same level of fun, dedication and commitment he was raised with.

See more pictures of Kyle, his family, his bulls and his Bovico partners on D&B’s Flickr page. To see the bulls they buck, visit D&B’s YouTube site or Bovico’s YouTube site.

Kyle's BuckleChester the HorseHorseshoesColtKyla and her HorseJarrett putting on spursSaddleKyle and his HorseColtKyla Brushing a horseJarrett getting off a horse with moms helpJarrett and his DadKyle and Janet Saddle their horses


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