It is that time of year where we want to spend time outside frolicking in the yard, nurturing our gardens and on walking paths soaking up the summer sights. Then we notice little holes in our gardens, mounds of dirt in our beautiful grass and our sidewalks appear to be moving. It is summer time and we now have to deal with voles, moles and grasshoppers, the critters who enjoy our gardens and yards just as much as we do.

According to our pet, animal and rodent repellent buyers, if you have voles or moles, and you want to get rid of them (in the sense that you want to stop their lineage and have no interest in seeing their offspring in the future) use Kaput Rat and Mouse Bait. If you just want to rid your garden and yard of these critters with the “not in my backyard” mantra use Molemax Mole & Vole Repellent in either the 5lb. or 10lb.

grasshopper on a leafGrasshoppers are fun to catch when you are a kid, but they are no fun when they start devouring gardens, flowers, acres of crops and grazing land which can damage the livelihood of many. Because the size and devastation of grasshopper swarms happen based on the availability of food and weather conditions, each year is different than the last. They feed on any and all plant species but can be well controlled by using a contact or a systemic insecticide. Below is a list of products that we carry just for this.

If you have tip or tricks, please share and as always please let us and your favorite D&B Supply store know if you have any questions.


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