In a moment, you’ll read about how you can enter to win a pair of Wrangler Jeans for your dad just in time for Father’s Day. But first, I’d like to tell you a little story about Rodeo Ben.

Rodeo Ben, whether you know him or not, has, perhaps, had more of an impact on the modern cowboy lifestyle than wild-west greats Buffalo Bill, Roy Rogers, or Jim Shoulders.  You see, Rodeo Ben was a tailor from Philadelphia.

The Rodeo Tailor

Ben Lichtenstein, according to Tyler Beard and Jim Arndt’s book, 100 Years of Western Wear, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1894. As a young tailor, Ben worked for several clothing companies designing and making suits or other sorts of eastern, city wear.

“While [Ben was] selling fabrics for a mill, a request came in from a local store for fabrics in bright colors — chartreuse, aqua, and fuchsia,” wrote Beard and Arndt. “It turned out that the rodeo circus had just hit town and badly needed material for costumes. Ben not only found the fabric, but offered to make some of the costumes himself. The quality of work and attention to detail created a steady stream of rodeo and circus customers for Ben. In 1930, he opened his own storefront with a tailoring shop in back.

“His son, Rodeo Ben, Jr., began working with his father at age eighteen in 1936. Ben, Jr. recalls the store being called The East’s Most Western Store.”

Rodeo Ben quickly became a fashion celebrity in the burgeoning world of western wear. Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, and Hopalong Cassidy all wore Rodeo Ben gear. But that wasn’t good enough for Rodeo Ben, he wanted to design and make clothing that looked good, fit well, and stood up to the hard rodeo lifestyle. He wanted his clothes to be a friend to the cowboys and ranchers that wore them.

In 1931, Rodeo Ben saw a rodeo cowboy catch his button-up shirt on a saddle horn while mounting a bronco before a show. Ben’s response was to add pearl snaps to cowboy shirts rather than buttons.

Comfort that Works as Hard as You Do

Rodeo Ben’s crowning western wear achievement came in the 1940s when the Blue Bell Overall Company asked Rodeo Ben to design a pair of jeans for working ranchers and rodeo cowboys alike. They wanted a pair of jeans that provided comfort that “worked” as hard as their customers did. Ben’s design would be sold under Blue Bell’s little used brand, Wrangler.

Test versions of the jeans were given to cowboys at the Madison Square Garden Rodeo, along with a black snap-button shirt, and a short questionnaire about the jeans, how they fit and flexed. And so after, Rodeo Ben began working with rodeo stars Jim Shoulders, Bill Linderman, and Freckles Brown to create the perfect western jean. The result was Wranglers 13MWZ, the most iconic of all western jeans.

Today, any cowboy can tell you that a good pair of Wranglers and a pearl snap shirt are emblems of an authentic and free lifestyle, which is why I said that Rodeo Ben, whether you knew him or not, has had a significant impact on the cowboy lifestyle.

Your Wrangler Story

Father and son WranglerThe People of Our West share a common experience and a common heritage. As such, we know that you have some great stories to tell about your family and your experiences.

This Father’s Day, D&B Supply and Wrangler would like to give you a chance to win a pair of Wrangler’s jeans for your dad, by telling us some of your Wrangler stories — you know about how your dad wears his Wranglers.

Win a Free Pair of Wranglers for You Dad

To win, write a blog post or a Twitter tweet telling us a story about your father and Wrangler jeans. You may also submit a video telling your story via YouTube or similar services.

These stories should (1) appear on your own blog, your own Facebook page, or your own Twitter stream; (2) your submission should tell a story about your father (fact or fiction so be creative), including mention of Wrangler jeans; and post a link to your story in the comments at the bottom of this page. So to make this clear, I will explain each of these options in detail.

Enter Via a Blog Post

If you have a blog on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or where ever, you should write a blog post about your dad and Wranglers. The story can be as long or as short as you want. It can be fact or fiction. Please link back to this page in your post. Be sure to tell us about your post by posting a link to your story in a comment at the bottom of this page.

  1. Write a blog post on your own blog.
  2. Link to this page in your blog post.
  3. Tell us about the link in the comments below.

Enter Via Twitter

If you can tell your story in 140 characters or less, you can enter on Twitter. Just post your story as a status update and include the hash tag #WranglerDad.

  1. Post your story as a Twitter update.
  2. Include the hash tag #WranglerDad.
  3. Let us know about the tweet in the comments below.

Enter Via YouTube

If you like video cameras better than you like keyboards, you may also enter by posting a video of your story to YouTube, Vimeo, or similar services.

  1. Create a video telling your story.
  2. Post that video to a sit like YouTube.
  3. Paste the link into a comment at the bottom of the page.

What You Will Win

We have up to 20 pairs of Wrangler Jeans to give away. The idea is that you could give this free pair of jeans to your dad for Father’s Day.

How Will the Winners Be Selected?

The D&B marketing staff will select the winners based on quality, creativity, and entertainment value. Bottom line, if you just send us a tweet, saying, “I want free Wranglers,” you won’t be a winner. But if you can tell a good story about your dad and Wrangler jeans, you have a pretty good chance of getting the free Wranglers. Special consideration will be given to video submissions. If we get fewer than 20 entries, we may not give jeans to everyone, remember quality counts. And remember, we are picking the winners based on how well we like the story.

Deadline June 15

All entries must be submitted before midnight, Mountain Time on June 15, 2011. We will announce the winners on June 16, so that those winners have time to pick up their free Wranglers before Father’s Day (maybe). When you enter (or shortly thereafter), we will provide a confirmation that we received your entry.

Other Restrictions

Winners will need to pick up their Wranglers at one of D&B Supply’s 11 locations in Oregon and Idaho, so while we would like to extend the contest to everyone, it probably makes the most sense for folks living in Idaho or Oregon near a D&B Store.

You may enter as often as you want, increasing your chance of victory, but we will be limiting the prizes to one per person.

The Wrangler certificates winners will get have no cash value.

We Will Link To or Republish Your Story

By entering this contest, you will be granting D&B Supply to right to link to or otherwise republish your story on our site or on any social media platform we use for perpetuity. We may also reference your story in email, print, text messages or other marketing material.

  1. connie hutchison says:

    My name is Sara Hutchison, I am 5 years old. My Dad has been wearing wranglers all his life. He will never let my mom throw any away, even if they are full of holes. I would like to win and give him a new pair for Father’s Day. Thank you

  2. Jennifer Reedy says:

    My Dad wears his Wranglers proud. He wears them on the tractor sprayin’ weeds, loungin’ under the old shade tree, or grease splattered from mechanics the day before. He wears them for his toots, while worshiping at Cowboy Church and even with his sandals. He sits them in the seat of his Kenworth, where he works from dusk ‘til dawn, but most of all My Dad wears his Wranglers proud, for his Family, without even a yawn.!/profile.php?id=1366656968

  3. Crystal A. Gocken says:

    5:30 comes early in The Owyhee’s. Frost on the ground, Breath Taking Wind Chill, Coyotes howling crack inTo the night air, as their Yip Yip Yip of trouble rings in our ears. We have to go, and go now ! Late calves are in Danger. Coffee in the Thermos boots on, jacket zipped I’m out the door. Dang cold engine….come on truck…START ! Worried about the calves I flip the glo plugs on and wait…its the waiting that kills the rancher. Realizing my Dad isn’t beside me yet, I look around, come on Old Man we have to go, the thoughts run in my mind of yet another dead calf we might find, minutes too late. Grabbing my gun I fire a few dead shots into the ground to try and warn off the distant trouble bothering our heard. Jumping back in the truck cranking the key one more time. Finally Success the steady purr is heard of the engine cranking over. Letting the engine Idle for a dew I jump out heading to the house for my Dad, he’s just comming up around the bed of the truck to the passenger seat. Shaking my head I jump back in, Dad beside me in the seat I crank into drive and we head out. Looking over at my Dad pouring himself a cup of Coffee, hands withered and scared from years of working this land that is slowly becomming mine, and will be my sons. The wrinkles around his eyes that only give him more chaactor when he smiles and laughs, such comfort I find as I stare at him. Finally I blurt out, “Dad, What took you so long ?” Sipping his coffee, I can tell he is enjoying the warmth and scent of its strong black taste, he glances up at me,” Well Honey Child, it took me a minute longer because I forgot where I put my Wranglers last night after we got in.” Unable to control myself I bust into laughter. Leave it too my Dad to take the time to find his favorite jeans even if it means a few extra minutes lost, instead of just grabbing whatever was handy. Getting up to the Cow Camp, Dad jumps out flash light and Gun blasting, Coyotes scared off, we both walk around checking our heard checking fence and making sure none were injured in the hustle and bustle. Just at the Sun peeks over the Mountain we are finally done. Looking at my Dad in his Wranglers, I just stop for a minute and smile, knowing he will never wear anything on the Ranch, not while he works, not while he tinkers around, and as sure as I am standing there watching him move and talk to the Cattle, nothing else will suffice at 5:30 am when we are in a hurry. But thats my Dad, wouldn’t trade him for anything or anyone, Coffe drinking, wrinkles, wranglers and all.

  4. Amy Larson says:

    Thanks for sending out the request for a snippet about our dads on FB. I’ve been thinking about writing a tribute to my father-in-law for a long, long time. You just gave me one more reason to get on it.

  5. Becky Barkell says:

    My Dad has worn Wranglers as long as I can remember. His legs are so white, that it makes ghosts look pale. Wranglgers have always had a place in our family. I will be fond of Wrangler jeans all my life, because they will always remind me of my dad either at work or at a rodeo. They remind me of strength and relability, just like my dad. Happy Father’s day Dad.

  6. Britney Philbrook says:

    My name is Britney Philbrook, I am 9 years old. My mom told me that when she met my dad she hated all of his jeans. She took him shopping. She got him to wear Wranglers and that is his favorite jeans now. He loves to wear them when he is working outside. Thank you.

  7. Jen Harris says:

    Congratulations to all our winners!
    We have contacted the winners via email on how to receive their gift certificate for a pair of Wrangler Jeans.
    Thanks for participating!

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