If you have something that makes your gardening life a little easier, pass it along to me and I’ll share it. Who couldn’t use a good garden tip?

  1. Protect your new plants with a card table. It can be used to stand over the top or laid on its side depending on the angle you need. It also is great to protect those new plants from wind.
  2. Having trouble with cats in your garden? A sheet of lattice fencing laid on the ground keeps them from scratching and the spaces are a good gage for spacing plants.
  3. Looking for a unique plant label? Pick up some stainless steel knives at a second hand store and use a permanent marker to write plant names on the handle.  They won’t rot or break, that’s for sure.
  4. Having trouble with deer eating your favorite plants?  Use 20-pound fish line around your beds. When the deer start to walk into the beds, they feel the line and back off.  You may need to use several lines at different heights but the author of this tip claims that since he started using this technique, his plants, which were being eaten to nubs, have flourished.
  5. I’ve told you about this before, but it really is a good tip that I use myself. A metal shoehorn makes a great tool for cleaning underneath your lawnmower. The curved edge scrapes out the grass without any trouble at all.
  6. Kitchen scissors are great for snipping away at small plants. They are also very inexpensive.  Find a great selection at a dollar store.
  7. The minerals in our water cause soaker hoses to get clogged. The remedy? Remove the end caps from the hoses and coil them into the bottom of 33-gallon trashcan. Pour in one gallon of vinegar and just enough water to cover the hoses. Let them sit for 24-48 hours. The leftover vinegar mixture can be poured on weeds in your driveway or sidewalk. The acid in the vinegar will burn the foliage. Flush the hoses with water for a couple of minutes before using around your plants for that very reason.
  8. Keep a slender vase of fresh flowers from tipping over during transport by using a Christmas tree stand. The stand keeps the vase upright and catches any water that splashes out. The vase fits in the hole and the clamps can be used to hold it tighter if needed.  Protect the vase by putting cardboard between the clamps and the vase.
  9. If arthritis bothers your hands, try using lengths of foam pipe insulation around your tools and duct tape it in place. The thick, squishy handle is easier to hold.  Heck, I say try this even if you’re not bothered by arthritis. It sounds much nicer.


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