Tony Lama InformationWe love selling both men’s and women’s Tony Lama boots. At age 11, Tony Lama learned about the boot industry in Syracuse, New York from his uncle. It was only after being in the U.S Cavalry and homesteading in El Paso did Tony realize the importance of a comfortable, good fitting boot which he then started to craft for local ranchers. Word spread and the rest is history.

Tony Lama is now offering a Limited Edition series for which they are only making 500 boots. They have a beautiful 13″ black Signature calf, a gold hand-laced buck stitch and metallic feather stitching. The insole is the new Signature cushion which is cow-lined and has a detailed heel pad. The official Tony Lama Centennial and Limited Edition logos are on this piece of boot art along with a unique edition certificate.

Although they take 120 days to special order, you can order yours for Father’s Day or a special day that you declare “Me Day” at any D&B Supply. They retail for $899.99 but are well worth the chance to own a 100 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Signature Series Tony Lama boot. After all 100 years only comes around every 100 years.



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