Beautiful White Horse GrazingThis past Saturday the Idaho State Veterinarian, Dr. Bill Barton, released a memo confirming an outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus also known as EHV-1. The outbreak has been tracked back to the Western National Championships in Ogden, Utah on April 30 — May 8 of this year.

According to Dr. Brett Bauscher from the Canyon Small Animal Hospital, the EHV-1 outbreak can cause respiratory disease but the neurological symptoms of this strain seems to be what is harming horses the most.

There are a few farms have imposed a self-quarantined rule, but as of this date, there are no state wide traveling or quarantine restrictions imposed. Although the following was suggested by the state:

No outside horses should be allowed onto the premises and all resident equines should not travel off the premises for 28 days after the last fever or case of EHV-1 is identified. Visitors and service people should be limited to only what is absolutely necessary.

Future event scheduling is up to individual event coordinators and what kind of restrictions there might be. You can contact Sue Marostica at the ICHA through their website or you can give her a call at 208-890-9774. The Idaho Horse Council can be reached at 208-465-5477 (open Monday’s and Wednesday’s).

Dr. Stuart Shoemaker of the Idaho Equine Hospital in Nampa has an updated blog and is keeping people informed on their Facebook site as to what they are encountering.

The following links will help educate you about the outbreak of EHV-1. Health Monitoring & Surveillance Info Biosecurity Guidelines Q&A

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