Being a Mom is a great joy and has some moments where you wished you had a tape recorder running the entire day to catch those great one liners. My favorite one liner came from my then 5 year old daughter asking how babies were made. As I stumbled around the concept of “it’s a big science experiment” she informed me later that she was going to marry Jack Johnson and he was going to tell her how babies were made.

My other favorite one liner came from a moment of joy in the car with my 4 year old twins.
Henry: I love you Mom.
Me: I love you Henry.
Me: I love you Clara.
Clara: I know.

What’s your favorite one liner?
The 1st, 5th, 10th and 20th Mom to post their one liner will win a Wrangler Jeans gift certificate good at any D&B.

  1. Brenda says:

    Not all people understand this, and it is entirely an inside joke with many of my firends that live in a country life.. bcause you have to know what vet wrap is to get it… but:
    “silence is golden and duct tape is silver, but vet wrap dosent leave mearks”
    is a phrase used in my home 🙂

  2. shanna says:

    My favorite one liner came from my youngest daughter when she was about 3 years old and we were on a camping trip. We had just stopped to take pictures of some dear with fawns along the road. She asked did we go camping just to see animals we said well no but it is really fun and she says ” then why didn’t we just go to the zoo?”

  3. Stacie Koski says:

    Famous last words?
    Child : But Mom WHY????!!!!??
    Me: Because i said so!!!!
    This is after MUCH explaining already!!!


  4. Tammy says:

    my favorite is when we got a new female puppy. My mom, mine & my daughter we all have the same middle name “Anne”. So when we were naming our puppy, my daughter said, “Since she (the puppy) is family now, we have to name her Lily Anne, to carry on the tradition”.

  5. Dawndi says:

    So I am driving to work, making a mental list of everything I had to do, rocking out with the radio when I hear a little voice from the backseat “hey mom, where we going?” to which I replied “OOPS guess we are taking the scenic route to school!”

  6. Caity says:

    “Mom, if I clean under my bed, where will I hide all the stuff I don’t want you to know I have?” – Trace McElroy age 5

  7. Tricia Combs says:

    My four year old son Noah has picked up a wonderful phrase that he repeats back to us when we ask him to do something he really does not what to do 🙂 “You gotta be kidding me mom?” he uses this when we ask him to clean his room, pick up his shoes or even get ready for school!!!

  8. Sue Yates says:

    Being a mom is the most precious gift a woman was given. What great joy I have with my two boys and not to mention the grandchildren that they give, another precious gift.

  9. Sue Yates says:

    my favorite is “well mom you were right about pay backs, I am getting paid back but oh what a journey. Wouldn’t trade it for the world”. Thats my son!!

  10. Lani Blaylock says:

    Texting my son while he was away at his dads he sent me a text that said “I love you.” my reply “I love you more” and my favorite one liner was his reply back…”impossible!”

  11. Lani Blaylock says:

    My favorite one liner is from a text message…my son was visiting his dad and text me “I love you!” and my reply “I love you more” and the one liner that melted my heart was his reply “Impossible”.

  12. stephanie says:

    My son was upset with me and when I tucked him in to bed he turned away and said “no kisses for mommy” he uses this quite a bit now days when he is upset.

  13. Jen Harris says:

    Thank you Moms!
    This was a lot of fun to read these one liners and know in the end, it’s great to be a Mom.
    Thank you to everyone & congrats to the following winners:
    1. Amber Mills
    5. Jackie Beverage
    10. Tamy W.
    20. Dawn

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  14. Janie Hall says:

    Life isn’t fair, get used to it. That was the favorite line when someone would say, “but it’s not fair.”

  15. Casandra Farley says:

    As the family was getting ready to leave for the 4 hour trip home we were saying the usual goodbyes to kids and grandkids. As I huged my 2 year old grandson and said bye for now and I love you lots his one liner was ” I love you more” gotta love it : )

  16. amy croghan says:

    nephew(10yrs): sister you don’t even know where eggs come from.

    niece(4yrs): yes I most certainly do!

    nephew: well where do they come from then?

    Niece:The STORE! Duh!

  17. Kristina Burns says:

    Being a mom is one of the most enjoyable parts of life. My kids are all grown and have kids of their own, so being a Nana is even more enjoyable!!
    I don’t know if it’s a one liner, but my granddaughter Lily calls me at 5:20 the other morning and tells me she is watching a Princess movie on tv. Well I was still asleep and no idea what she was talking about, so she had to explain to me.
    Other than that my grandson that lives in England calls me and sounds like Hannibal Lector, “Hello Nana” with his little English accent

  18. Margie Giles says:

    I know the contest is closed, but i have to share this one

    kids say -I’m hungry
    Mom says – nice to meet you, I’m Friday, come over Saturday, and we’ll have a Sunday…HA HA HA!!!

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