The Idaho Buckaroo Project traveled to Utah this past week with great results. I entered the World’s first Western Art Rodeo Association competition. Top western artists from across the country displayed and competed with their artwork for two full days at Robert Redford’s famous Sundance Resort.

The best part of the competition for me was being able to get on stage with my photos of Idaho Buckaroos and talk about what buckaroos mean to the American West.


My photo of Bije and Chip Lowe, two buckaroo brothers that I have been following, has special importance to me as I have known them for a little over a year. These men and their families have welcomed me into their lives. I see all of their hard work and dedication to the Buckaroo lifestyle and want other people to see how important it is. My mission with the Idaho Buckaroo Project is to “Promote Understanding and Preserve the Buckaroo Way of Life.”

I’ll have several new blogs next week as well as an upcoming event list where you can see Photos and Quotes related to the Idaho Buckaroo Project.

By the way, be sure and check out the Western Art Rodeo Association’s Website: Amazing artists from all across the country competed in this new event. Gunstock carvers, sculptors, artists, wood designers and more, create unique Western art.


  1. Beth says:

    As always, well-done Andrea! Thanks for spreading the word about the buckaroo way of life–too few people know about it!

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