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Team D&B 2010

Good luck to Team D&B Supply during the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure tomorrow morning. Our 25 member team has raised over $700 for the Komen Boise Affiliate which goes toward education, screening and treatment services.

We are participating again this year with D&B’s own survivor, Pat Bowen. She is a feisty Mom, Grandma and soon to be retired Accounts Payable Clerk that has been with D&B for 17 years.

Pat wrote the following note to express the importance of preventative maintenance:

I went through my life saying “What I don’t know will not hurt me”. Not true. I had stage IV Breast Cancer and after a year of treatment and surgery, I now have MBC (metastatic breast cancer).

(Fact: 95 percent of funding for breast cancer targets primary breast cancer (stages I through III) leaving only 5 percent for metastatic breast cancer (stage IV). Fact: 30 percent of people with primary breast cancer develop metastatic breast cancer).

I was terrified of having a mammogram. Too many people telling me how bad they hurt. Truth of the matter is this, mammograms have come a long way and they try to make this easy and as comfortable as possible. What’s a little discomfort compared to living with Cancer and not knowing what next to expect? At the age of 61 I have learned a valuable lesson.

Ladies, please get your mammograms. Mammograms are a preventive maintenance on the body. Just like getting your oil changed in a car, we both have the chance of a longer life.

Thank you Pat and thank you to everyone who has donated time, resources and the commitment to making a difference.

  1. Pat Bowen says:

    Yellow, pink, lavender and blue ribbons tied to our shirts and car bumpers
    These are the colors of cancer –

    The colors of cancer help us to recognize without a word the support from people with whom we will never share a word. Yet, we feel the support conveyed by the symbols.

    The color of Pink was in high attendance on Saturday.

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