We all know that WD-40 can fix about anything. Their website is designed so that you can easily find over two-hundred uses by either function or by category. The Facebook site gives you a “Use of the Day” — today’s being “Removes dirt and helps protect my cowboy boots.”

A new use has just been released and this is one of the best uses yet, honoring the Military. Now through Memorial Day, they have made it possible for you to purchase the four-piece limited-edition cans honoring the different branches of the military. The WD-40 Military Collectible Series will be donating ten cents of every can (purchased separately) to three deserving charities. Their goal is to donate $100,000 to each of the three charities to assist them with active-duty military, retired veterans, wounded warriors and their families.

WD-40 has made this fun to participate in as well. When you purchase your limited edition can, there is a code on the back of the can which will unlock an exclusive video with a real-life former Gunnery Sargent, R. Lee Ermey.

“We are proud of those who serve or have served in uniform and have several members of our team who are veterans,” said Tim Lesmeister, VP marketing at WD-40 Co. “By partnering with organizations we know will make a positive difference in the lives of these men and women, we hope to honor their commitment and do our part to help support them and their loved ones.”

D&B Supply will be supporting and selling the WD-40 Military Collectible Series for $3.49 a can where ten cents of each can purchased will go back to the chosen deserving charities. They will be displayed in our May 4th flyer on the back page. Support our current and former troops, their families and the extraordinary things that they do every single day. Thank you.

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