Ryan Peck is a D&B customer and a rock-n-roll superstar — just ask his students.

Ryan and his partner, Jared Goodpaster, operate the Boise Rock School nestled among the trees near the Boise River in downtown Boise. The duo started the school just three years ago when Ryan simply asked, “Why don’t we teach kids to play in rock bands?”

The Band at the Boise Rock SchoolWhy not? The truth is that there is something of a musical instruction gap. Kids may learn band instruments at school or endure piano lessons from private teachers, but if a child has aspirations of rock stardom or dreams of being the next Taylor Swift, there aren’t a lot of options — or at least there weren’t until Ryan and Jared opened their school.

So, in their spare time they teach, inspire and manage the future rock gods and goddesses’ to ultimately perform on stage and/or write original music that will end up on an album.

You can read about what Ryan and Jared do in their “real” jobs here, but you have to know about Ryan’s past – he was destined to rock. He was shut down in 6th grade by the Jazz Band teacher and then got caught playing hookie in his piano teacher’s back yard during his lesson time. Music called him back when he picked up a guitar at 18, and we can all be happy he did, especially his students.

The Boise Rock School students (see above note: future rock gods and goddesses) love their class-time with their teachers. Ryan and Jared make sure that after the first class, their students know how to play a song (at least have the rhythm and a repetitive note learned) so that they can go home and brag to their friends and family that they can rock out.

Anika on Guitar at the Boise Rock SchoolThis local, home grown business offers classes five nights a week and has about 140 rock-n-rollin’ students, including standouts Anika Klein, a seventh grader and Alexia Cashen, a sixth grader. Under Ryan’s tutelage, Anika and Alexia have transformed their poetry into performance-worthy songs complete with a melody, chorus and bridge. In terms of style, Anika is the pop goddess in training, while Alexia rocks it country style. Either way, these girls are good.

About 30 percent of the students are on scholarship and they even have an autistic musician that has learned more about feelings and — according to the parents, — how to be integrated into a class and work well with others. Big hearts and big personalities equal a phenomenal local business that just flat out, well, rocks.

I found Ryan and the Boise Rock School, when he mentioned D&B Supply on Twitter about his love of snap-down shirts. A wardrobe staple he will never give up due to his Grandfather’s fashion sense that he has emulated to this day.

Ryan, Jared, Anika and Alexia are just some of the People of Our West, sharing the experience of living and rockin’ in one of the best regions in the world.

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