Priefert is one of the many great brands that we carry at D&B Supply.

Priefert is a family-owned manufacturer of chutes, panels, fencing, three-point implements, and more.

Company founder, Marvin Priefert built his first headgate in 1964, launching the widely recognized Priefert brand. Priefert also operates the 3,000-acre Priefert Ranch in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

In this post, we’ve collected several Priefert videos. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


Guy McLean recites “Turbulence,” a hilarious poem by Murray Hartin during a luncheon with the Priefert family and friends in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

Guy McLean at Priefert Ranch

Australian Horseman and Bush Poet, Guy McLean, shows a crowd his Australian stock horses at the Priefert Ranch in Texas.

Roping Master Tomas Garcilazo at the Priefert Ranch

Tomas Carcilazo is a traditional charro and rope artist who performs throughout Europe, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. He is a featured performer with Disney Productions in Paris and the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show in Holland and Germany. He has toured with the Will Rogers Follies, and has given numerous performances for heads of state. In this video, Garcilazo is showing off at the Priefert Ranch.

Priefert, Built by Ranchers, for Ranchers

This is actually a Priefert commercial, but we think you will enjoy it nonetheless.

Priefert Commercial Bloopers

Speaking of commercials, check out this blooper reel.


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