When you schedule an appointment to go to the veterinarian how much time out of your day does it take? Usually it means you have to take time off of work up to a half day just to make sure you will have enough time. Have you ever sat in a waiting room after being on time for your appointment to just be put in an exam room to wait again? Then the Technician finally comes in and then you wait more for the doctor. When the appointment is through you have been at the office for an hour or two and all you had done was some vaccinations for your healthy pet. If you have more than one pet and can’t bring them all in at once this turns into a full day event to go to the Vet.

With mobile veterinary service your waiting room is your living room, your garden, working in your office, or even playing fetch with your dog in your back yard. We can even work around your schedule to meet you at your home on lunch break from work, or even at work if your work is pet friendly. If you have multiple pets the convenience of having all your pets seen at one time without leaving your front door is amazing. No cat carriers needed, No dogs getting car sick, No long waits in the waiting room with who knows how many other pets and pet owners. Think of all the time you could save.

Be sure to checkout the video tour of the mobile clinic on our YouTube site.


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