Ah…H&W Loop leg panels.

I may never have the opportunity to own a ranch but with the help of these panels I have built a Mini Homestead to which I adore.

H&W Loop leg panels are a beautiful lush green color to compliment any homestead. These panels are hardy and durable yet not so heavy a woman can’t move them when needed. They are 18 gauge and have chain fastens pin, so you never lose one.

I have made holding pens, cattle chutes, round pens, calf pens and a stud pen as needed, all with the same set of panels. The 12 foot panel with built in gate is a real favorite of mine. You don’t need to dig holes for posts to make sturdy pens.

One person can make a usable, functionable stockyard of your own, be creative — have fun!

When I purchased my panels I would buy one every pay period and since steel and metal continues to raise in price, these panels are a great investment, as they hold their value and will be a valuable asset to my Mini Homestead for many years to come.

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