An important press release if you are currently using products that contain Lime Sulfur. We currently have the product recommended below to use at all of our locations.

Replacement for Lime Sulfur Use Bonide® Copper Fungicide for Dormant Disease Control

Dormant disease control products that contain Lime Sulfur (active ingredient calcium polysulfide) will no longer be available after garden centers sell through their existing supply. Gardeners may be frustrated in their hunt for an alternative dormant control spray. Look no further! There is a highly-effective alternative, the liquid formula of Bonide® Copper Fungicide, that is available right now. Used as directed, this unique formulation of copper will conquer the most common dormant disease problems. Even better, it’s for organic gardening.

Not only is this a replacement for, but also an improvement over, traditional lime sulfur disease control products. Bonide® Copper Fungicide, available in a concentrate and ready-to-use trigger bottle, can be used for year-round disease control, not just for dormant use. Trees, shrubs, perennials, fruits, and vegetables can be protected with this unique fungicide. It controls over 20 common garden diseases.

picture of Copper Fungicide

This specially formulated copper soap uses 80% less elemental copper than traditional copper products and is for organic gardening. Even more important, it controls more diseases than traditional copper products. Bonide® Copper Fungicide is a patented fixed copper fungicide, made by combining a soluble copper fertilizer with a fatty acid. The copper and the fatty acid combine to form a copper soap.  The copper soap fungicide controls many common diseases using low concentrations of copper.  Older copper salt formulations required much higher application rates of copper and could cause problems with build up of copper in the soil.

For dormant control, apply in the winter months before bud break to trees and shrubs. Dormant applications are an integral part of preventing disease on fruit trees, including peach leaf curl. Applying as directed will allow for a more bountiful harvest.

Conquer diseases also in the growing season. It is recommended to apply Bonide® Copper Fungicide two weeks prior to when disease normally appears or when disease is first visible. This can be used on fruits and vegetables up to the day of harvest.  It controls a wide range of growing-season diseases including blights, downey mildew, powdery mildew, rust, blackspot and many more diseases. Apply every two weeks as required.

Spray ornamentals such as roses, dahlias, camellias and many other shrubs, trees and perennials to control diseases. Read the label for a complete list of plants, diseases and directions. As with all plant protection products, for best results apply in the morning and do not use when daytime temperatures may be above 90°F.

The versatility of Bonide® Copper Fungicide is amazing. It is a more advanced, unique fungicide that is designed for organic gardening. Read the label to find out how to use it to take care of all of your garden disease problems. Expect more from Bonide® Copper Fungicide as both a dormant and growing season disease control.

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