Guest Blogger Dr. Robert Ormond writes about the stress levels of animals and your options.

So in yesterday’s blog post I described a little about why we do what we do. Something that might also
be interesting to you is how it all works. Many might think that mobile veterinarians are just for large
animals but the reality of our practice is that we see about 99 percent small animal. Like we explained before
it is not just a matter of size when it comes to the convenience of mobile veterinary care. It truly is a
matter of stress on the animal.

Stress can do interesting things. Research has shown that this stress response can appear clinically as
signs of illness when the animal is otherwise normal at home. Sometimes the symptoms of illness are
totally masked by stress and we cannot detect the subtle changes that would lead to a diagnosis. We
feel that we are better able to detect the subtle signs of illness in the animals natural environment
rather than in a clinic setting.

Be sure to checkout the video tour of the mobile clinic on our YouTube site.

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