I love power tools.

Like many of us here at D&B supply, I have collection of power and pneumatic tools stored in my garage like exhibits at a museum — albeit a slightly greasy museum.

So when fellow D&B-er, Steve Ineck, sent me some great power tool videos via email, I had to share them with you. What follows are ten power tool videos that we think you’ll love.

Dewalt Makes Tough Tools/Watch the Drill

Suffice it to say this is not a safety demonstration video, but it is nonetheless entertaining.

Powerful Stihl Trimmer Commercial

This is a commercial for a string trimmer that ran several years ago in Australia.

Leaf Blower Powered Skateboard

I have a friend who says that you never really own a thing until you void the warranty. I think he would like the kid in this video. Oh, by the way, D&B’s legal team would like me to tell you that we do not endorse using power tools in ways that would void the warranty, cause explosions, or endanger anyone.

Brake-Dance, Hip-Hop Drill Commercial

Often tool makers use humor to demonstrate just how powerful their products are. Here is just such an example.

Beware of Things Made in October

A few years back, the Fox television network ran a series of commercials for the Major League Baseball playoffs. The concept was that you should not buy products made in October since all of the folks making them will be watching baseball rather than paying attention to the manufacturing process.

A Leaf Blower Made in October

This next video is part of the same, “Beware of Things Made in October,” commercial series.

V8-Powered Chainsaw

Ever wonder what it would be like to put a truck engine on a chainsaw?

Pay Attention When Using a Leaf Blower

This is another Stihl commercial from Australia.

Open a Bottle with a Chainsaw

This video is amazing. A fellow opens a bottle containing a brewed beverage with his chainsaw.

Alternative Uses for a Lawn Mower

This is a Red Green Show excerpt wherein Red Green demonstrates an alternative use of a lawn mower.

BONUS VIDEO. D&B Tuff Husqvarna Chainsaws

Here is D&B’s own power tool video.

  1. Sue says:

    the kid on the skateboard was my favorite until I say good ole Red Green! Love that guy. When can he come over to the Pendleton store?

  2. Sue says:

    @Armando, I was going to paste the skateboard one to my facebook, but then my kids would see it and come steal my leafblower. Let us know how it turns out…

  3. Laureen Fisher says:

    Changed my mind the nail gun incident was halarious, that would be something that would definately happen to me. lol

  4. Laureen Fisher says:

    How awsome would it be to have a trimmer that actually cut down trees so close to the ground, no stump removal. lol

  5. Sue says:

    @Armando, Any of the Red Green ones are good. Duct Tape IS a power tool you know. All of these videos are great. Thanks for sharing

  6. Jen Harris says:

    Congrats to Jeff! You are #20!
    I will email you & we can exchange info so we can get you your hat!
    Thanks for playing…and your picture is priceless!

  7. Steve says:

    I told my brother if he turned the lawnmower upside down it would fly….to this day Lefty still hasn’t forgiven me! ;0)

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