The rider carefully looks at the group of cattle he will be working and has to make a decision about which one to cut out of the group to showcase his horse’s ability. A high-headed runner won’t do…like my friend said, you want one that will “stand and dance.”

Photo by Andrea Scott, used with permission

So, what’s the attraction with reined cow horses? “It takes a better trained horse to be a cowhorse,” says horse trainer Gary Stark. “The horse has to be able to rein, cut, handle, and can then become anything–a cutting and reining horse, or a roping horse.”

Reined Cowhorses from California, Utah, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho have been competing this week at the 2011 National Reined Cow Horse Association Stakes at the Idaho Horse Park, in Nampa, Idaho.

There’s still one action-packed day left if you grab a seat this Saturday. There is no charge to enter and it’s a great way to get motivated to saddle up your horse for spring.

We have several great men and women horse trainers in the Treasure Valley – check them out.

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