At D&B we carry a wide variety of top quality animal feed. We know what every customer (and for that matter every animal) may have a favorite feed or nutritional need. So while we may suggest a particular brand to meet a specific need, we stand behind everything we sell.

Having said (written) this, we are always excited when one of the brands we carry, challenges us, our customers, and, frankly, its competitors. And that is what’s going on right now with Purina.

Purina Will Buy Back Your Feed

Purina believes that its horse, cattle, goat, flock, and rabbit feed matches up with the best. So if you’re willing to try Purina feeds for your animals for 60 days, the company will guarantee that you’re pleased with the results or they will buy back your feed, with some minor exceptions.

In order to take the challenge, you’ll need to sign up to receive a Purina switch offer via email at the Purina Difference website. Next, you will receive an email from Purina with a printable coupon. You will need to install a special coupon printer from to print the coupon. With the coupon in hand, visit your local D&B Supply to get started with the Purina 60-Day Challenge.

This is a screen capture of the Purina Difference site.

In Praise of the Purina 60-Day Challenge

Purina also gave us several quotes from other folks that have taken the 60-Day Challenge and switched to Purina feeds. These Purina customers believed that the Purina feeds helped improve their animal’s health.

“My Shooting Star… My 22 year old Morgan/Saddlebred always has a way of lifting my spirit! He’s got the sweetest nuzzles and is so loving! He never lets me forget why I love my animals…my babies,” said Purina customer Crystal S., of Oregon.

When we adopted our mustang, Whyamaya “she was completely wild. Giving her treats and letting her work her courage up to come over and let my wife pet her. Soon she had a halter on. She is one of the sweetest horses we have. But my wife has to admit she is a little too friendly as she will check out each pocket you or anybody else has on. She will always be with us,” said Rick S. of Idaho, who feeds Whyamaya Purina.

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