Right now, we’re celebrating the 12th Annual D&B Supply Chick Days in our 11 stores. This sale is a great chance to get straight run chicks, feed, and just about anything flock-related that you could imagine.

For the past couple of years, we have also used the Chick Days sales as an excuse to post what we believe are entertaining videos, featuring chicks. Below are a few examples of D&B’s Chick Days videos as well as some of our favorite chicken-related videos from around the web.

Chicks at Sunrise

This video is one of our own. Stay with it to the end for a reference to fast food restaurants.

Rooster Crowing

Stretching Chick

Another D&B Chick Days Video.

Free Range Strauss Featuring The Great Gonzo

Ok, so these chickens are Muppets, but this is still awesome.

Chickens of Fire

Vangelis like you have never heard him.

Death Metal Rooster

This one is a screamer.

D&B Supply Chick Days, 2010

This is the first of our Chick Days videos from last year.

A Baby Chick Hatches

This one is just neat to watch.

Chicken Playing Billiards with an Egg

The commentary is in German, but the shot is still funny.

Chicken Mascot Gets Beat Down

This is a chicken beating.

Chickens Play Soccer

This is one crazy game.

Chicken Love

This was another of our Chick Days videos from 2010.


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