Professional bull riding has to be one of the most dangerous sports bar none — in fact challenging a ton of angry bull is borderline crazy.

This week, as I was uploading a new Day with Dan video to YouTube, I came across a new Dickies “Earn Them” commercial featuring bull riding video. The commercial motivated me to search for more awesome bull riding footage. Here is what I found.

Dickies 874 vs. One Ton of Anger

Here is the video that started my quest…when things get nasty, Shorty, Jesse and Frank are the last line of defense between the PBR riders and the beasts hell-bent on breaking them.

PBR 101 with Ty Murray

So I was looking for “bone-crushing” video, but Ty Murray does a great job of describing how bull riding works, and there is lots of great bucking footage.

Good Bull Riding Wrecks

The word “good” as used in the title of this video seems to mean “Oh My God.”

PBR 2005 Nastiest Wrecks

Some of this video is choppy. It is also low resolution in places. But this is actually good since some of it is just painful to watch.

Possibly the Best Bull Riding Video Ever Made

A1MultiMedia, which made this video, is very humble about its work.

Adriano Moraes Rides to Win 2006 PBR World Championship

Adriano Moraes was the oldest bull rider in the PBR when he won with this ride.

Clint Bronger — Legends — Great Bull Riding

If you ever thought of taking up bull riding as a hobby, you should watch this instructional video about how bull riding is done right.

Lourenço Rides Closet Gangster for 91.25 Points

This is a very recent video from the PBR. And this is just a nice ride.

J.B. Mauney Gets Flipped off Bushwacker

This is a quick buck off, but it is exciting.

Newberry Knocked Unconscious


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