Today with so many new companies springing up and Internet businesses growing to become massive conglomerates in no time, it is nice to find a traditional company that has been in business for 100 years.

This year, Tony Lama boots is celebrating 100 years of great business, and they have asked D&B Supply to join in the celebration by giving us access to some of their limited edition Centennial Collection Boots.

For a couple of weeks now, I have been giving you a preview of what these boots will look like, and I wanted to show you one more. This is the Ladies Chocolate Century.

Ladies Chocolate Century Tony Lama

Tony Lama Fact: In 1977, Tony Lama, Jr. hired Sam Lucchese, Jr. to be the company’s director of research and development. Lucchese’s family, who like the Lamas were Italian immigrants, had earlier founded and sold the Lucchese Boot Company.

  1. Lisa Price says:

    Those are the most beautiful pair of boots I have seen in a long time, I love the chocolate color and the red!! The 100 is noticeable but not in your face. The would be great with jean or a skirt and blouse. I Love them and wish I had a pair!!

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