Recently, D&B Supply’s IT Department — Ron, Jeremy, and Joe — developed a unique teleportation device as part of our Warehouse of the Future program.

The teleporter uses a technique called photon wrangling to programmatically deconstruct products at an atomic level and transmit the resulting matter via a shortwave radio signal to any of our stores from Pendleton, Oregon to Twin Falls, Idaho. The idea was that if we could get great products to the stores more quickly, our customers would have more to choose from.

Unfortunately, while we were testing this teleportation device, Bruce, one of loyal and customer-focused employees, was accidently sent to our Twin Falls store.

Now, Ron, Jeremy, and Joe have redesigned the teleporter for bi-directional transmission, and are doing their best to get Bruce back to our warehouse.

If you see Bruce, please let us know on our Facebook page.

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