In 2011, boot maker Tony Lama is celebrating 100 years in business and D&B Supply is taking part by bringing in an exclusive line of Centennial Collection boots, including the Ladies’ Black El Paso.

Like all Tony Lama boots, the Centennial Collection Ladies’ Black El Paso, is handcrafted in the United States, using great quality leathers.

Tony Lama Fact: Tony Lama had served as a cobbler in the U.S. Cavalry at Fort Bliss, Texas. After completing his tour of duty, Lama decided to take up residence in the nearby frontier town of El Paso. He earned his living repairing or modifying boots for Cavalry soldiers. But Lama’s work was so highly regarded that local cowboys and ranchers began bringing him hides to make into custom boots.

Tony Lama Centennial El Paso Ladies

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    Those are great looking boots!

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    Pretty boots.

  • Auraelia

    I had an uncle stationed at Fort Bliss. I visited him there.

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    I love these boots. Better in brown but still love them!

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    I haven’t been to El Paso in years.

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  • Gina

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    Nice boots

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    I love my Tony Lama boots and they are the only brand my son will wear. They are so comfortable. I like the looks of these 100 yr ones.

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    its crazy when companies have been around that long through all the economic trials neato

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    those are really cool looking boots I htink we would waer something like thst

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