Peonies are a beautiful flower. They range in various colors. From a deep crimson red to a elegant white. Master gardener Andrea Niederer walks through her garden showing off her peonies and talks about tips to make them look amazing Check out Andrea Niederer on her socials for I Garden Daily: Blog Instagram Twitter: Pinterest:

A beautiful addition to your garden can be dahlias. Dahlias are known to be a warm season plant. You should wait to plant them after the last frost of the season similarly to tomatoes. Dahlias prefer six hours of sun a day. If you can provide some afternoon sun protection and some wind protection that […]

In this episode, Matt and Dan Rounsevel, the owner of Little Tree Tree Service in Boise, Idaho, talk about how to successfully prune your fruit trees. You will discover tips for encouraging fruit production and managing tree growth. Matt asks the key question to start the podcast off: “Why do we prune fruit trees at […]

Sometimes, getting through the months of December and January can be tough for a gardener. But, February arrives and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seed catalogs begin to arrive with their irresistible pictures, seed packets are beginning to show up in stores and the days are beginning to get […]

The slight increase in temperature brings out the blooms, the bees, and shorts above the knees. While I wouldn’t’ say it is quite warm enough for shorts just yet, the Boise State students seem to take advantage of any day above 60 degrees to temporarily bring out their summer wardrobe. The good news is the […]

In the spring time, it is natural to think about planting flowers and vegetables, but it is also a good time to think about planting evergreens. While any shrub or tree gives some year round form to the landscape, nothing does it as uniformly as an evergreen. Before everything has burst into color, it is […]